RE 6 Model mods for the girls

My name is Kiwi and I was wondering if there was a way to make bbw models of the nude models of the girls from resident evil 6? There’s already a mod for a pregnant version where the belly is expanded, but if possible, would there be a way to make fat or bbw models of the characters instead? If anyone can let me know, that would be great.

If you mean actually within the RE games, I have no idea. If you mean standalone ones for you own use, threre are plenty out there that you can adapt. For example - Resident Evil stuff for Daz Studio. And there are lots of others out there too.

As they’re Daz models, it’s a piece of cake to have them naked and/or fat…

Ah, okay! Thank you. I admit I have no knowledge of how to work on said things so I was mainly asking if someone could help with the task. I don’t know how I’d repay them though if its necessary.

given the skillset necessary for that modding and precedent in other games, you would probably have to pay someone for that, unless there was sufficient interest in the game