I decided to make a separate topic for this game since it got a surprising amount of clicks yesterday before being hidden since it was off topic where i posted it (My apologies for that muck up)

But anyway here’s the link again for anyone who wants to check it the game out, it’s mainly a gender bender visual novel with a few upcoming expansion/ transformation scenes, in future updates and i do mean a few i.e cow girl, milf or a vampire girl who drinks wine instead of blood in certain points of the story.

And a reminder as well as a note for those who are might want to play this who might not want constant walls of text, select the option to do the survey at the beginning and this will allow you to alter the MCs personality and set awkwardness to 1.


this is an understatement, lol

I think the funniest thing about it though is that the entire ‘america invaded by japan’ thing seems to have mostly been done as an excuse to have american characters in a japanese-esque school setting which is probably a little bit overkill. Still, interesting for what it is and definitely had a lot of work and thought put into it, even if it was perhaps invested in the wrong places.

Yeah the Dev is really committed to flushing out a lot of the details, heck they have gone back to certain points of the story several times now and re-written them! because he is that committed and i kid you not if haven’t reach it yet

Edit: and also that’s the best i could describe it other than typing ‘if you thought you seen walls of texts… yeah you’ve seen nothing yet!’

Made those entire arcade mini games themselves!, which took a lot longer than he thought it would because of Ren’py and while they do work some are still a bit finicky than others, good news is that they added a skip option to it so you do not need to suffer it again after the first time for each game

That is how committed they are to this game!.

Though i might have to certainly tell them about how many people clicked this link over the past 24 hours from this form… not sure how they are going to respond to that

I am Happy to announce that it’s the game’s 4th Anniversary since it started development, as such the game latest version normally reserved for the highest Patreon tier is out right now for everyone to play!