idk if u still want it but here: file:///C:/Users/GEBRUI~1/AppData/Local/Temp/Rar$EXa13612.39229/Rebounding.html

I don’t think you really sent what you wanted xD


oh, i did work at first.
i am a new user so i cannot share attachments apparently

You didn’t send a link. You sent a file path that’s on your personal drive


The deleted link still works, but it glitched out for me pretty early. Eventually lost the go to bed or get a meal features. The only thing I could do was lift weights, or go to the basketball court.

yep, strange imo bc i copied it from the browser so idk how to share it then

You need to actually upload the file to a place where people can play it. All the browser is doing is opening the file and using it.

Why the hell did that dude delete the link, anyway…?

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Guys, this link is still working.

Given that OP hasn’t made a single post here other than to create the thread, I assume he decided to make a quiet exit, and that included an attempted torching of his activity.

i didnt know that, i guess you leanr something new every day