You play as an underweight college athlete. One event changed the course of life. Will you get back on track, slack off, or go somewhere unexpected? You have one year to choose.

Features 3 different endings.


Played this through and had some ups and downs. First off, I will say I did not encounter a single bug, so kudos on that. The content in the game is also fairly enjoyable, with good writing and enjoyable characters. That being said, once you’ve seen the scenes that are there, that’s where I feel rhe main issue with this game comes into play. There is very little variation on the scenes past the first itteration. The more realistic pacing for the gain very much isnt an issue, as that definitely falls more in the personal preference range for choice, and as the creator, is very much yours to make. Where you run into issue with that is when there is little to no difference in scenes from beginning to end. Good writing, regardless of how good it is, easily begins to become stale when its read for the 30nth time and beyond. The game started to quickly become a slog of click and scroll, while occasionally skimming to see if much had changed, which it very rarely ever did, especially for the actual eating/stuffing scenes.

If this is what you consider ‘final and finished’, disregarding any bugs people do wind up finding, I do think you’ve got something you definitely can feel great about, and I thank you for providing it to us. If, however, you’re going to try adding to it somewhat over time, I would recommend a decent chunk more variation on scenes, or more variety in general. Repetition really isn’t something I would consider a weakness, especially in twine games. It easily clips your wings when it grows redundant tho.

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Based on what you said, I’ll put this one hold until it becomes less of what I could define as a grind, hoping in an update that enriches the audio a bit


I played through and It was quite simple in a nice way!

My only real complaints are:

So much of the same type of repetition with only some very minor differences (game scores, weekends) and for how long it takes to gain stats to see events (also 365 days! Woah!) made me kind of lose interest after a while. I had to really push myself through to see to the end of things!

So much of the text is a big wall and square with no spacing that I ended up having to make sure I wasn’t missing any details WHEN something different popped up at different moments.

Pretty solid for what it aims to do, though! I enjoyed the endings.

Haven’t played through a full year (yet), though I do have some feedback:

First, I didn’t think it’d make a difference but having a character with an existing motivation in a ‘welcome to college’ game is good! So often the character is kind of a blank beyond their college hedonism, but having that sports element already set up and playing out as you go along added a nice layer. I found myself wanting to try and balance their urges with their sports performance.

Second, as already noted by others the repetition and frequency is an issue. Tramp is able to alleviate this by renpy having options to speed through repeated text and stopping at new text, but not sure twine/sugarcube has an equivalent. Going to a weekly format instead of a daily one may also work, but not something one can just easily switch over to at this point.

Lastly, as already noted above paragraph spacing is an issue particularly for the bigger ones. Formatting can help a lot in writing, especially text games.

All that said, well done!

And one thing I forgot to mention: is it intended there don’t seem to be any meal options on the weekend beyond breakfast, or am I doing something wrong? I only get the option for breakfast and going to Adam’s in the evening, no cafeteria lunch or dinner.

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Played 2 full years - one where I went full feedee, and the other one where I left Adam hanging but tried to stuff myself independent of him - there’s a lot of promise here! I love the idea of starting off as an athlete, and it gives this game a distinct “athlete feedee” flavor. Some feedback as well:

  1. I do kind of wish there were more comments from the other players on the team as the weight piled on, and especially from coach. It’d be a great marker of how big you’re getting to have the coach, for instance, chime in along the lines of “hey, you’re getting pretty big” and either not going FULL humiliation mode for it where she just goes “just make sure it doesn’t impact the game” or do go full humiliation mode where she just lambasts you. It’d even create another incentive to possible curb a more hedonistic run, or present an interesting writing challenge/possible failstate.

  2. It’d be great if there were an option to skip practice - depending on your run, to skip practice to eat with Adam, or to eat with Emily if she’s in the process of becoming a feedee herself? It could lead to more awesome dialogue options and more possibilities for variations in your run. This could be especially interesting if missing practice meant losing skill in the game bit by bit, so that you could go from being a dominating super-star player to gradually doing worse and worse as you miss practice to stuff your big face, coming back to practice more out of shape and rusty.

  3. Is it just me, or is there some sexual tension between the Player Character and Emily? It’d be nice if there was some way to explore that - The PC clearly has a feeder streak, and Emily loves being fed.

Lastly, small detail, but it’d be nice if there was some commenting on changes in continuity - if you go from eating two pizzas at lunch every day to eating salads, it’d be cool if Emily reacted to that depending on what path she was on.

Like I said - great game! It’d be even better if it would lean into the idea of the feederism getting in the way of athleticism, and making the PC balance the athletics and being a feedee.


Just started and I have only got something like 30 days in or so. Main thing that stands out is the grind so far. Granted I am sure a lot of the dialogue is in the Adam interactions but here is the problem with that. He needs to be more fleshed out in the intro. Just a couple more lines to get the player hooked. I just stayed clear of him most of the time so far. (I really don’t like second person POV games that assign you a relationship before the game starts, I know I am probably in the minority but I figured the game should be playable if I just ignored him but that probably is why if feels like such a grind early)

Side note, game is very sexually charged, or at least very blunt and open about it. Which is not a problem at all but did shock me a sec before I got into the groove.

I like the idea of this game and I am going to continue it but I wanted to give feedback about my early experience before I forgot about it.


Liking this so far!

Also echoing what a lot of others have said so far: The pacing is a bit slow, and the descriptions repetitive. I keep waiting for certain things to change - the “wondering if you’re turning yourself on being a pig” - Emma still eating salad - Emma asking incredulously if you’re going to eat two pizzas yourself. The trend has been well established by now. Even if you’re not ready to move to the next stage before a certain point, acknowledging the pattern would be a nice touch. “There’s definitely something here,” for the eroticism self-question. Emma expecting the second pizza at both meals - and perhaps commenting favorably!


Been playing this a lot lately.

I kinda like the slow weight gain. You could make a toggle for how fast the MC gains weight

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There is some potential. But at the current state game is too grindy, and has to many repetitive sceenes. Also unlike renpy there is no proper skip, so you do not notice minor changes in walls of text the game produces.


I just finished the game. As others said, it’s too long and grindy. It’s good, but I have no intentions on replaying it ever again since it’s slow, requires too many clicks and there’s little to no variety.

Also maybe it was because I was gaining too quickly (I finished the game at 268 pounds), but I took the stretch marks cream for a month and that did nothing. After a while I just gave up and developed deeper stretch marks, I guess I was simply keeping them at bay, I had no chance in curing them at the pace I was gaining.

The download link seems to be gone?


I noticed that as well.

please bring the link back, despite not very positive comments i believe there’s still lot of people who wish to try the game out, i myself would love to try it myself


I know others mentioned it being grindy and I think to some extent that’s fair, but I enjoyed it, probably because I enjoy a slower weight gain anyway. Plus having the need to gain weight come from gaining a competitive edge really made me enjoy it that much more because I love winning.

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smone here understands

Interestingly enough, if you check the OP and click the edit pencil on the top right it will show the post history. The deleted link actually still works.

Since others as still asking, here’s the link.
Last Build of Rebounding as of 9/27


The dialogue could use some paragraph breaks. The usual thing to do is start a new line whenever someone speaks. It helps readers keep track of the conversation.

Quality-of-life things:

  • Many passages (working out for example) end with a link to the same room the player was in to begin with. It would be better to put that room’s menu there instead. So to work out, the player would click weight room → work out → work out → leave instead of weight room → work out → weight room → work out → weight room → leave. All those extra steps add up.
  • The bedroom and bathroom could be one passage. You’re at home, there are some things you can do, it’s pretty obvious where they are. Especially if the player is tracking their weight, it saves two clicks not to have to enter/exit the do-stuff-while-at-home room.
  • Please add an option to automatically apply stretch mark cream. If there are some really good scenes of putting it on, automatically play them when they become available (basically as a weight-up scene).

Does anyone have the link to download the game?