Recurring conversations

One of my favorite parts of the game is how now you’re able to have relationships with NPCs and influence them with your choices, but I think it’s a shame to only be able to see such event only once. So while waiting for a new dialog I think you could have like an “answer” every time you meet the character, depending on your past choices.

For example, after encountering Seraphine and having eaten her cookies, every time you visit that floor you’d meet her once and she’d tease you about what you did, or drop a little comment. A bit like the crack, chest, arming swords events, which appear every time.

This is already possible, it’s just a matter of setting a boolean variable to true and the event will be reoccurring. I keep track of checkpoints in events and also if the entirety of the event has been viewed as well. Therefore I could set Seraphine’s 2nd event to be reoccurring, and add conditional dialog to the first node of the event that checks if a certain checkpoint has been viewed (ie. the node where you accept her feeding you cupcakes). The only thing that remains is actually writing up the dialog for this. I’ll ask kestrel if he wants to write this bit since he’s the one who wrote the event.