Regarding dating game development.

Currently I am starting to write a dating game where you date 3 big furry gals over the course of a few weeks as a big furry guy. I mean to add 3 dates for every character that you can date.

Should I release the game when I am fully done with it, finish a character (so when I release the game you will be able to only date one character), or finish a date for each character (the game releases with 1 date for each character but you can’t finish any of the routes)?

  • Release only when 100% done
  • Release with only 1 route
  • Release with the first date for all routes
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I’d always prefer getting feedback earlier in development rather than completing the whole game first, it means there’s less obstacles in the way should anything need to be changed. As for one full route vs three partial routes, that’s more subjective.

Making each route separately could be easier for you to keep track of, whereas making all three could be a good way to introduce the full character roster from the get go. You could even have the community vote on which character you focus on next to fully develop. Really though, just go with whatever option you feel is easier to develop, no point in hamstringing your progress if you think you could do better working in a different way.


And the poll is finished! I wasn’t expecting it to be this close. I will update development on this game on this thread until the release of the first route.

Wanted to just share a small preview and see which girl people would want to date first. If you read it you can say what character you would like to date first, it contains all the dateable characters. Feel free to leave suggestions as well. (preview is about 15-ish minutes)

Preview download


do you plan on adding any other dateable characters in the future?

Feel free to recommend any future characters but I will focus on working on the first three before I do any other characters.

since this game is already tagged male i think itd be incredible if you added a male character to date and fatten. any sort of scalie would make me lose my mind.

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It’s tagged as male since the main character can gain a lot of weight in one of the routes but yeah I could add a male scalie character.


I agree that adding a male option for dating would be good as well bu only if you are comfortable with it!

I read the preview and I have to say that I’m really interested in Jasmine’s route. If she wants a bigger bear then she can have it! Alice is pretty interesting as well, I love cowgirls!

Thre writing is solid and the characters are likable, I see a bright future with this idea!

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