Regarding the (defunct) Fatty Text Adventure Game Wiki

Yes! This is a real thing! But the thing is that it’s mostly empty… So I’m hoping that some of the people of Weight Gaming could do a bit more research and help fill it out a bit more.
Seriously though, I don’t have much knowledge apart from the best stats to invest in (Always do strength, with a little bit of everything else after 65 STR.), the sidequest line for Bronk (The innkeeper) and a bit about Samson’s sidequests (The adventurer in the farm) as well as a few captives in the Forest and Grasslands. So it would be a big help to us all, I’m sure.

I’ve made a wiki like this for Super Fatty RPG. Want to check it out?

@Tag365 Yeah, it’s not too bad! Maybe a bit more information though, but I could help with some of the early-game stuff!

Interesting. Have you edited on Wikipedia before? If so then this should be the same as you do on Wikipedia but with a different interface. Both are based on MediaWiki by the way.

I’ve never actually used Wikipedia, no. ;w; I’ve seen it but you know… Teachers really drill the “wikipedia is a bad source” talk into your skull.

You’ve heard of Miraheze?

I’ve never heard of it, why?

It is a place where you can create a wiki like Fandom.

I’ve actually played the game front to back enough so that I know pretty much 90% of all events that can happen, I actually did check out the wiki before and used it to finish the last quest I hadn’t finished yet, I might need to catch up on what I knew before, but I’ll be able to help soon possibly, if I don’t forget.

Oh shoot no one told me there was a Wiki!? I’d love to help out~

@bronco61503 and @Impossiblesnail Thanks, I only know a few things about the game, heh… That doesn’t stop me from reaching 1000 pounds on Day 44 though, so meh.

I just created it on Halloween!

I might pop in and add things from time to time~ I doubt I’ll get to do much though.

Why don’t you get to do much?

I’m just way too busy ^_^;;;

Oh. Is that the only reason?

Yah, big fella’s always got a lot on his plate (pun intended).