Regarding the impact of other fetishes on weight-gain game complexity

I am very straight-forward/vanilla with regard to my weight-gain kink. I am not interested in furries, inflation, magic, vore, most slob stuff, most non-weight-gain transformations, and any variety of other ancillary kinks that are related to weight gain. That being said, I do recognize that the wider the variety of kinks/fetishes that are included in a game, the broader the base that game attracts and the higher the likelihood that developers will be interested in contributing to that game. I have noticed that some very popular games have this kind of variety built into them (Boundless, for instance).

At the same time, building this variety into the game can introduce numerous complexities that make a game much more difficult to develop. I’m hoping to get a survey of these different kinks/fetishes and what additional implementation might be required to include them in a game. For instance, is it sufficient to change the sprites/models/descriptions in order to change a game from vanilla to furry? Or are there additional changes that would need to be made? Unfortunately, because these kinks/fetishes don’t do anything for me, it’s difficult for me to determine what constitutes a sufficient implementation. In addition, I’m curious to hear whether people think that it is even a good idea to broaden the base of a game by introducing additional, optional fetishes like this.

The specific kinks that I can think of are:

Magical Gain
Muscle growth (hyper? can’t remember the name of this one)
Bimbo transformation
Gender change

There are probably a whole host of other related kinks that I’ve missed. If you are interested in this topic, but want to talk about a kink/fetish that I haven’t listed, please feel free to include it.

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I believe that fetish games, which are usually passion projects, are best geared towards focusing on what the main creator is attracted towards. Something that starts as an exciting project where they pour their heart and soul into may become a chore if they decide they want to cater to as many fetishes as possible, which may have them eventually lose interest in the project.

But if they figure out a way to easily inject other fetishes that isn’t very difficult to do, they should probably ask around what people like about those sorts of fetishes. This’ll depend mostly on what sort of game you’re making of course, if you’re making a text-adventure sort of game it’s relatively easy to add character descriptions based on what the player likes, while it could be a lot of extra work to visually show something like it in a game with character sprites/models.

If you’re going to make a game that caters to a lot of different fetishes I think it’ll work better if you’re part of a team with a budget and a clear direction, at least that’s what I think!


I read somewhere that weight-gain and BBW’s can have a strong connection with BDSM, as sometimes the people involved are interested in the power dynamic of weight gain (a larger partner being catered to and using their weight to pin the smaller partner, or the larger partner gaining to please the smaller partner’s desires).

I’ve also noted through my personal observations throughout the years that the state of being fat can be seen as a sort of “accessory” to an individuals kinks and desires, adding a sort of twist on the traditional aspects of their particular kink (a short anecdote to explain this phenomenon would be a giantess enthusiast including weight gain in the growth of their character, as the transformation caters to both his desire’s in a dream woman, as well as indulging in something slightly off-beat from the traditional aspects of the giantess community).

Given that I am fairly vanilla myself (albeit with an interest in light Femdom), I cannot claim to fully comprehend the feelings of the person with interests outside vanilla FA, and these are but my thoughts and theory’s that have come through my years browsing the world of BBW and weight gain to sate my personal interests.

I agree with Tightfit, a fetish game is normally made by what the autor is attracted, because you know what stuff is the best. Maybe you can get someone with some of that kinks to help you.
Or you can go out and explore what do you like, maybe you will find something that you also like.

Saying that, I found the weirder the more enjoyable, so I can help you with that list:
Force feeding
Male/female domination (gentle, normal, hard and fucked up)
Otafuku (I only found this on 4chan, is like big, motherly, happy women, for people with gentle femdom kink or mom issues)
Body Swap
Shape change
Amputee (this can be fucked up, beware)

What I recommend, though, don’t go to the dark side, once you enter/like something, you can’t go out.

To be honest bbw and bdsm do work together well. A lot of my experience with group bondage lessons say there are either a load of closet FA’s in my local vicinity or that bondage is more interesting with a bit of padding to work with. Additionally in bdsm related stuff fat can be used for both humiliation and financial domination.

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As a degenerate furry myself, I will say: Yes, it IS as easy as new descricptions/sprites/models… BUT, in order to get the full effect of that dragnet you’ve cast, you might be obligated to include LOTS of different species and customizations for player characters.

Here’s a tip, though: You can forego character customization and just make a furry NPC. So long as they’re likeable enough, we’ve got our waifu/hazubando, and you’ve got access to a new audience.

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Furry really isn’t a fetish, more a character preference. That being said, most fetish games include ones the creator has. If you add more, then, you’ll probably have a larger audience for that game because it caters to them as well