Regression and Gaining

So I’ve had the thought for a while about how some stories use Regression as part of their fetish. I’ve come to the conclusion that, depending on the type of regression, one should be much fatter than they actually were at the age they regressed to, due to the fact the calories they burned off would return to them as fat. Mind you I doubt that no-one has thought of this before, but rather they never bothered putting into action cuz it would feel like a copout despite making sense.

What are your thoughts on this idea?

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this is a new one to me, granted it is not wierd as that digimon fan fic but still odd

So long as they’re not making them below 18 I’m fine with seeing it.

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I… have never even HEARD of this? How is the fat and calories returning to them? Regression typically isn’t time reversal, but a magical: “you are younger now”.

Regression almost always turns adults into children, otherwise there’s no discernable change?

I’ve never heard of it including weight gain though…

I know they do, but there is a change. There’s a child involved now. That’s a problem, a lot of times, because regression is often used as a kink in writing or roleplay. Then, while nothing “sexually” happens to the now-child character, something kink related happens in some form. Breast feeding, the person not regressed experiences a kink or fetish, etc.

I just don’t know why a child is still involved in an otherwise very adult setting. That bugs me.

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Regression is not ALWAYS lewd, look at Jewelry Bonney from One Piece. Using her devil fruit to turn soldiers into both kids, and elders. more played for laughs than anything. sigh This reminds me of a conversation I had one Eka’s, about Vore being inherently sexual, when it isn’t, it’s used all the time in mainstream media, played for laughs, drama, horror, NEVER sexual(except maybe Serleena from MIB 2?)(Even involving underage characters, like Mandy from Grim Adventures implied to have eaten Irwin)(And of course, it happens all the time in nature). I understand that our “degenerate” minds have trouble separating the “fetishes” from being… “fetish-y”? But they’re more tropes than anything, and can EASILY be used for non erotic media, and have been tons of times in the past, and will be in the future. We may see them as lewd, but that doesn’t mean everyone will(infact, most probably won’t).

I have no Earthly idea what you’re talking about. I didn’t say always.

Reread my post, please.

I’m going to nip this one in the bud. If there’s sub-18 characters in this idea, then it won’t be allowed on here. I’m sorry, but as its been explained multiple times before, we cannot risk allowing that content on here for a whole host of reasons.


@FatAzureDragon Props for confidently striding past the child-sized elephant in the room to get straight to the heart of the matter. That’s pretty gutsy! :rofl:

Right… But you are still applying a fetish to a child-like form. Let’s not kid ourselves here.


ìf regressing the minds not the body then dóe it counts ?

… of course not. the brain does not store calories

not that but at their body gain weight their mind regress into a mind of a toddler then does it counts though the body still the same but their mind arent

that is not how weight gain works, it just means you have a manbaby not a fat one

Only if you consider a fetish, that’s what I’m trying to say. Not everyone see’s it as one.

But we of course do, so it doesn’t change much.

Just wanting to put it out there. Not trying to “change any minds” or anything. Just saying. You could inflate a kid in a cartoon and it still be legal(not be fetish-y). WE might feel uncomfortable, but most people might just laugh, or be indifferent.

Won’t show up here, since this place is 100% fetish.

Just saying, don’t act like it is everywhere.

I would advise a cautious approach with this style, the best advise i would give is start at a late age and make it a certain fraction of the calories that the body would of naturally burn of which wouldn’t be that much but enough that they would gain at a moderate amount since not all calories would be suitible for the human body.

And this form reminded me of an ASBDL (Not my cup of tea) age regression game i found ages ago… Momsterous, which was an RPGmaker game about a teen reaching adult-hood becoming a magic girl to fight off a succubus that fed off of the wasted potential of individuals causing them to get younger, the story and the choices you made in that short demo was very interesting aside from the ABDSL stuff although limited to choices/ what you interacted with/ and exploration