Reincarnated in Another World as a Fat Hero Where the Enemies are Hungry Food (RPG Maker MV for Nintendo Switch)

if possible you should add level warning so people know how much they should grind before entering an area.

I just got the first companion, and i’m absolutely lost as to what i’m meant to do. Most places I go tell me that i can do things there later, but the two towers I’ve found I can’t enter. what am I doing wrong?

Have you talked to the old man in the middle of the map yet?
From him you can go right to get the mage, and left to get the priestess, I forget when, but you get a key and the old man will tell you which direction to go to get to the first tower.
From there, you go back and talk to the old man and he’ll point you to the next one.

thinking about it, to get by the censor could call the basic attack either eat or munch, it still shows the intent without having to worry about the censor
it’s an interesting game, though I would like the ability to grind money for better equipment for myself

also the puzzle with the lying brothers, I am unsure of what to do, I was informed that all of them are lying, with the one who was telling the truth bringing you to a path with a dead-end, I’m just having difficulty figuring out how to get to the area that was blocked off in the path

One of the dead ends of the maze teleports you to the treasure area.

Bite is censored because in french it mean cock
I think is for that :thinking:


Some censor systems are WAY too fussy. I live in an area of the UK called ‘Cumbria’. It’s insane how many websites etc. won’t accept that word :stuck_out_tongue:

(I’m just glad that I don’t live in Twatt, Scotland…)


I have been playing this game for a few hours and I have a question, the sprite of the main character acctually changes during the game resembling that she is actually gaining weight? This maybe sound stupid, but since its in the switch I don’t know how much fetish content the game can have

Yeah, the switch version is rather limited with it’s character creator, but her face does look fuller when she reincarnates. She starts off at 50 kg (110 lbs.) at Level 1, but gets to 350 kg (770 lbs.) at Level 99.

And I suppose that those limitations make that change the only noticeable one?

That is the case, yes.

are you able to add pictures of the characters? if so, you could have it to where when you look into a mirror you can see how fat she is, just a suggestion, though I guess it would be an issue of getting the artwork

is there a way to download the game

PC port anytime soon or is it compatible on the PC already?


In the demon castle at the end of the game, is there a way to leave once you cause the corpses to fall into the lava? Especially since I’ve gotten a good chunk of material for the equipment

Much like the towers, that area is a point of no return. The only bet of going back is using a different save point from before entering.

Hey, I’m stuck at the demon castle where the coffins appear, what should I do?

Could you perhaps make a version for windows too?

Huh, its saying there is no such game with that ID… is it still there…?