Reintroduction to a hugger

This is @Anonhugger but I lost access to that account -w-;
Hello again to all these lovely people who love bellies and softness and hugs. :hugs:

I do art!


Oh, you’re an artist? :o I’d love to see some examples of it!

Hugs are the best way to show you care :3

Welcome back, and yes show us plz !

This is my DnD kobold, Zurp. Her lifelong dream is to become a mighty dragon! And since kobolds are basically just tiny dragons, that means she just has to get big enough, right?

(she is full-on tolbold in the above picture. Could be mistaken for a dragonborn)
She loves bellyrubs and eating exorbitant amounts of food, using Lipomancy to stretch her stomach out.
I mostly use her on an RP server with discord friends. One of said friends portrays her beloved mate.

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Dayum, you’re good at what you do.

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Sorry to hear that you lost access to your old account. Happy to have you back though! If you need help with anything feel free to contact me.