Release 0.21 - and then two come at once

A new version of the game is available on the website. This has the coloured and bold text for the story line, dimmed bits for already read text, and a bug fix that was breaking save games once you started to transform. Rochaine is back to her tour guide duties too!

I’d be interested to know what you think of the text effects in the narrative. Is it too much? Does the dimming of already read text help, or is it confusing? There will be some text that isn’t being properly highlighted. Feel free to mention any you come across, as well as any missing capitalisation at the start of sentences.

I think the changes in text color are a really good idea! You’re doing a great job, can’t wait to see where you go with this game next!

The colored font is honestly a stroke of genius, and helps navigation/cut down on confusion.

Makes keeping up with what’s going on drastically easier, as well as weight being gained and whatnot.