Release 0.25 2019-11-10 (-ing Windows)

I was holding off on this one until I managed to do all the work to complete Orion’s quest, but hopefully this intermediate release will help fix the issues people are having getting the game to run on Windows:

  • Added a start.bat script (inspired by @Schattenjaeger) which checks for a Java install and then runs the game leaving a command window open so you can see any output that normally goes to stdout. If you are having trouble on Windows, try executing this instead. Don’t close the command window or it will take the game with it. I don’t think any dumb archivers think they are the correct program to run a .bat.
  • Similarly, there’s now a startDebug.bat which will force the game to start up in debug mode. Expect lots of console output with that one.
  • I’ll do a similar shell script for unicies in due course.
  • Corrected (or at least changed) some of the behaviour around fatal errors, so the game may not close and you have a chance to see the error.

New stuff:

  • There’s another kobold guard in the mine. He’s the first to fully utilise the job system, so he patrols at night, sleeps during the day, and gets on with other things during his downtime. In time all the NPCs will work this way, so they don’t just stand around in one place waiting for you to chance upon them. It’s … not perfect yet - let me know here of any oddities.
  • The text parser now understands the verbs “buy” and “purchase” when interacting with NPCs.
  • The “My first weapon” quest has had some bug fixes. Quests got broken out into separate files to make developing them easier.
  • Emergency undergarments can now be found in the still hut in the forest. This will be the case until I get the shop working for alterations and replacements.
  • There are some new materials, so your panties/underwear should now be stretchier (which can only be a good thing).

Other bits:

  • The parser for conditionals in quests and jobs has been rebuilt because it wasn’t adequate for what I was trying to do. It can now handle more complex expressions.
  • As a side effect this also changes the way console commands are handled. I think all the existing documented console hacks should still work. Again, let me know if you find anything that doesn’t. It should provide more useful output for things it doesn’t understand. Stupid things like /=1+2 now evaluate correctly.

As usual, download from the usual place, and start a new game.

Thanks to the folks who support me on ko-fi, it is really appreciated as I have very limited income at the moment. Unfortunately I didn’t realise the messages were ending up in my spam folder (now fixed). I’ll get back to you individually where I can.

Right, back to those guards and that quest code…