Release 0.26 2019-11-27 (yes, content!)

I think I’ve finally got enough bits in place so that Orion’s quest can now not only be completed, but completed in several different ways (and failed in a couple of others). Let’s see if you can find the different paths and outcomes…

This is a bit of a milestone in the development as there has been a lot of work under the covers to get here. The flip side is there are a lot more moving parts doing stuff, a lot more code being run, and so the potential for odd behaviours.

New stuff:

  • The obvious - a few new rooms, the kobold Queen and Orion’s partner
  • All the NPCs now have names
  • Most mine NPCs now have jobs, go to sleep, and do other things when idle - don’t leave stuff you want to keep lying about in the rooms there!
  • You should be able to reach experience level 2

Other bits:

  • Fixed a long standing problem where your weight could fall below the minimum.
  • Fixed another long standing problem which stopped eating custard transforming you more than once.
  • Transformations now affect your body length, as well as your legs
  • Fixed mysterious blank lines in the story pane - tracked down to male genitalia
  • Fixed being able to hear NPCs talking in other rooms
  • Fixed third person singular verb generation (and learnt something in the process)
  • Fixed yet more save game/serialisation errors

As usual, download from the usual place, and start a new game. Previous saves will not have the new content, and will likely fail to load.

If you can support me on ko-fi, it would be really appreciated as I have very limited income at the moment.


Hmm. You don’t seem to be able to lose weight anymore by skipping time with an empty stomach…

Also, even using Debug I can’t drop below 53.9 lb, making me a “very fat” female kobold at 42", and unable to wear Rochaine’s clothing…

I think I’m going to have to set up some test cases for these to see what is happening. With the transformation the game picks your final size from a randomly generated transformation seed, so it’s possible that you end up taller or shorter than Rochaine is so there’s no guarantee her clothes would fit you.