Release 0.30 2020-04-07 (Patreon Early Access)

Yaffaif build 0.30 is now available to Patreons with early access. Release 0.29 will be publicly available tomorrow - post to follow once I’ve updated the website.

This release sees the first shop being opened for business. If you’ve been having wardrobe malfunctions, this will help if you have the coin. Shops restock over time if they’ve cash to pay suppliers. The game also gets a working economy, or at least a tax and support system, so that wealth can be redistributed amongst NPCs.

Digestion gets an overhaul, adding an energy store to the body that has to be filled or emptied before fat is added/consumed. The hunger meter behaves in a more realistic way, depending on both reserves and fullness.

New stuff:

  • Added a stew pot to the mine’s kitchen that’s topped up by Frank.
  • Idling NPCs now eat and drink as they wish.
  • You can work at the smithy to build strength (up to a point currently).
  • Village shop open for purchases.

User interface stuff:

  • Added a shop tab for buying (and, in future, selling).
  • Added tool tips to the action menus and buttons. Hover over an item to see
    its description.

Other bits:

  • Created a version of the one-true-parser that can handle text substitutions.
  • Fixed an issue when defining factions in the game.
  • Fixed an issue when “deep-setting” values in the game’s XML.
  • Added a condition to NPCs drinking desire.
  • Fixed NPCs clothing messages.
  • Fixed pronouns in “lock after” message

Known bugs:

  • Kobold guards have been caught eating their own “weapons” - it’s emergent behaviour (sort of)
  • If the player dies the game pauses briefly as it runs several in-game hours of “simulation”
  • Starting character sizes may be a little off after changes and need some further tuning

If you would like to support the development you can do so on Patreon where there are a number of different rewards, including walk-thoughs, early access, developer documentation, and more. It would be really appreciated as I have very limited income at the moment. Alternatively, if Patreon isn’t your thing I have a tip jar on ko-fi.


where is the public release of this game?

if there is one ofc.

See the pinned About the Yaffaif category post, or today’s announcement of the v0.29 public release (which is the 2nd sentence in the OP).

ay i had just found it recently my bad lol thanks anyways tho.