Release 0.39 2021-03-10 and 0.40 (Patreon Early Access)

This release sees significant upgrades to the in game shops. The village store is open for laundry, repairs and alterations to your clothing. Dot will also buy old items you have no further use for. Healing potions are also available from the nurse in the village.

New stuff:

  • Healing potions available from the nurse
  • Village shop is now offering laundry, repairs and alterations
  • Village shop will buy unwanted items
  • Kerry’s place now has a kitchen and bedroom
  • Kerry has downtime, and sleeps at night
  • Kerry has some additional dialogue

User interface stuff:

  • Shops have service and sell tabs
  • Improvements to shop user interface

Other bits:

  • Improvements to the XML handling code that reads the initial game state
  • NPC sleep can be interrupted when needed


  • 91 different locations (and another 126 in the advent dream).
  • 25 NPC characters.
  • 1491 Java classes (251k+ lines, 5.7Mbytes of source code).
  • 52 Story files (13k+ lines, 337kbytes).

Known bugs:

  • Bandits becoming unreasonably horny while you are caged by Nug.
  • Kobold guards have been caught eating their own “weapons” - it’s emergent behaviour (sort of)
  • Starting character sizes may be a little off after changes and need some further tuning

As usual, download from the usual place, and start a new game. Previous saves will not have the new content, and will likely fail to load.

If you would like to support the development you can do so on Patreon where there are a number of different rewards, including walk-throughs, early access, developer documentation, and more… .

Release v0.40 (Patreon Early Access) includes:

  • Start of new revenge parents quest
  • Getting dry after falling in the river quest (suggested by @Lundar)
  • Civilian guard building in Twizelford with Sgt Rusty Steele
  • Better support for chairs and beds, fixing Orc cage oddities, and allowing characters to get stuck
  • Saving and loading include story pane and units setting
  • Updated debug screen and dialogue tester

Alternatively, if Patreon isn’t your thing I have a tip jar on ko-fi


Wonderful addition, can’t wait for further updates!

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I can’t seem to start debug mode anymore. previous versions supported it.

@uwuowoonoawa Debug mode is still there. The simplest way to invoke it is by running startDebug.bat. If that doesn’t work can you send the output from the terminal window.

when I do it through terminal the result is this

java version “1.8.0_241”
Java™ SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_241-b07)
Java HotSpot™ Client VM (build 25.241-b07, mixed mode)
Error: Unable to access jarfile GameFX2.jar
Press any key to continue . . .

That file it is unable to access is the whole user interface for the game. Check it hasn’t been deleted, renamed, or was even unpacked properly.

I can access the game by clicking on GameFX2.jar directly just fine. its when I press start.bat or startDebug.bat that there is no response.

That is quite bizarre, if they’re both in the same folder, how come it can’t find it? All I can suggest is using the other methods for putting the game in debug mode using a property file.