Release 0.46 2021-10-16 and 0.47 (Early Access)

The magic shop in Twizelford is now open for potion sales. Its
proprietor is more than happy to discuss your needs, and has
wares that cause permanent changes. He can also help with any
unfortunate transformations you’ve picked up on your travels!

There is a male to female potion type that is partly finished
available in the shop (if you are male). I left it in as
it would have delayed the release to unpick it. It’s primary
function works, but the side-effects are not there yet.

If you encounter errors when playing please do report them to me!

New stuff:

  • Added magic shop and proprietor
  • You need to talk to him to unlock his various wares
  • Added purification potion
  • Experimental/unfinished male to female potion

User interface stuff:

  • No changes this release

Other bits:

  • Fixed an error in character descriptions for open garments with no fasteners
  • Quashed a few other bugs.


  • 115 different locations (and another 126 in the advent dream)
  • 29 NPC characters
  • 6 quests (2 unfinished)
  • 1604 Java classes (280k+ lines, 6.4Mbytes of source code)
  • 67 Story files (17k+ lines, 422kbytes)
  • 883 Unit tests

Known bugs:

  • Bandits becoming unreasonably horny while you are caged by Nug.
  • Kobold guards have been caught eating their own “weapons” - it’s emergent behaviour (sort of)
  • Starting character sizes may be a little off after changes and need some further tuning

As usual, download from the usual place, and start a new game. Previous saves will not have the new content, and will likely fail to load.

If you would like to support the development you can do so on Patreon where there are a number of different rewards, including walk-throughs, early access, developer documentation, and more… .

Release v0.47 (Patreon Early Access) includes:

  • Fat melting potion
  • More work on MtF potion
  • Custom classes for hats, dresses, gloves, glasses
  • A new custom character
  • Fix for body proportions not correctly working on arms
  • Fix for errors confusing body fat percentage and body fat multiple

Alternatively, if Patreon isn’t your thing I have a tip jar on ko-fi


Nice, what potions were the most fun to develop?

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Hey dingo, awesome to see .46 out already, I have been able to get a repeatable bug though, it seems to only pop up in debug mode or when I’ve saved after doing some light modding and moving back to the standard game. Don’t really know if it’s one you’re aware of or just a product of the code, but if you try to speak to Arawan to progress the Orion quest in either of the instances I mention then the error message:
Warning: ReflectUtil: cannot convert value “Boolean:true” to a java.lang.String
Warning: ReflectUtil: cannont convert value “true” to a java.lang.String at "setProp(‘arawan.met’, true); in “$0.setProp(‘arawan.met’, true);”.

Again this only seems to happen if I’m IN debug mode and talk to him, or mod the game in debug, even random things like adding money to people or changing values to villagers not at all affected by or affecting arawan or any of the kobolds. Base game unmodified seems to resolve it fine, and after clearing that talk encounter every other part of the quest resolves with no issue even in debug mode or having modified saves. Just bringing it to light if no one else has, and also putting it out here in case someone else runs into it and is unsure why the game keeps doing it. Excited to push another update to its breaking point though, keep up the good work!

I’ll have to play around with this later, but can you send me a save game after this bug has occured please (and before if you have it). Stick it on mega or dropbox or similar temporarily if you could.

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Sorry it’s taken me a few days to get around to it. While I was getting the saves I accidentally went ahead a few days before going to the mines and ran into no issues, so it might be something to do with attempting that part of the quest on the first day or within a certain time frame outside of what is recognized. Still linking the saves and all, bt1 is before introducing to the queen, and bt2 is after error call. Thanks dingo.

Hey, I’ve tried to get this game to run on my mac, using the troubleshooting solutions etc. but no luck, is there any way I can get a download link which for sure will work on the mac?

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at first i stoped playing this because i really dont like furry shit however i decided to replay because A lots of updates and B its literally the most detailed twine game here. and i have to say im like the options for weightgain how i can choose what i want to focus gaining on like the hourglass,ass,thigh,breast ect

Welcome to the forums! I’m sorry you are having problems. There’s no specific build for mac; it’s designed to be portable and the same download should work on Windows, Mac, and Linux (and Solaris, but I suspect I’m in a category of one there). If you can let me know how you got on in the troubleshooting I can help. As you are a new user you likely cannot DM me yet, so just carry on the thread here.

Hey I just wanted to drop a message and say that I like your game, thought I might wanna to give some feedback as well.

I’m not sure if I’m on the recent update but it feels like interacting with others is a little hard and not much to do. I’ve only seemed to become acquaintances with the NPCs, not really seeming to find a way to be able to make the relationship between them any stronger, and I can be able to do much more lewd things with others (ex. Kobold Queen and half Kobold/Human, forgot their names during the time I wrote this) but unable to do them with ones that I want to do them with. (ex. Rochine, Katie)

Which I just find strange, also when I got my [Aro] to 100% I wasn’t able to reduce it when I was with others, the only other way I know of being able to reduce the effect is by playing with myself, though it doesn’t really seem fun to do. And I honestly wish you could be able to feed others in the game with the food in your inventory since that seems it would be a nice implement to the game and feel a bit more immersive instead of only being able to just feed yourself, plus the Kobold Guards can be able to feed you with their custard pies.

One last thing I wanna mention, every time there’s an available action to do it just gives me this text saying the command input in code and it doesn’t end up working with the person I’m trying to do it with.

Edit: (Okay I got to the new city where the Civilian Guards and Nug are, so I figured out which update I’m on now, which is the recent one. Also I think I found out a bug where the Kobold people still attack you regardless if you’re completely a Kobold, you can also just seem to attack them out of random without having to actually click on the ‘Fight’ button.)

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