Release 0.47 2021-12-23 and 0.48 (Early Access)

The magic shop now stocks a potion that can help you lose
weight, and the male-to-female potion has been reworked to
perform more of the necessary changes.

More specialised classes for clothing have been added covering
hats, dresses, gloves, and glasses.

A pair of significant errors have been found in the body shape
code, which have now been fixed. The weight of characters arms
wasn’t being accounted for correctly, and body fat percentage
was not computed correctly.

If you encounter errors when playing please do report them to me!

New stuff:

  • Added fat burning potion
  • Refined male to female potion
  • New custom character
  • Added dress class
  • Added hat class
  • Added gloves class
  • Added glasses class

User interface stuff:

  • No changes this release

Other bits:

  • Fixed save error after consuming male to female potion
  • Fixed handling of arm weight
  • Fixed calculation of body fat percentage
  • Fixed descriptions for gloves
  • Improved unit testing framework


  • 115 different locations (and another 126 in the advent dream)
  • 29 NPC characters
  • 6 quests (2 unfinished)
  • 1613 Java classes (282k+ lines, 6.5Mbytes of source code)
  • 67 Story files (17k+ lines, 432kbytes)
  • 898 Unit tests

Known bugs:

  • Bandits becoming unreasonably horny while you are caged by Nug.
  • Kobold guards have been caught eating their own “weapons” - it’s emergent behaviour (sort of)
  • Starting character sizes may be a little off after changes and need some further tuning

As usual, download from the usual place, and start a new game. Previous saves will not have the new content, and will likely fail to load.

If you would like to support the development you can do so on Patreon where there are a number of different rewards, including walk-throughs, early access, developer documentation, and more… .

Release v0.48 (Patreon Early Access) includes:

  • Revised weapon system
  • Dual wielding via debug/cheat
  • Encumbrance system
  • Malena Vazin’s custom weapons
  • Improved fitting for dresses, shoes, and boots
  • Various fixes around corpse behaviour
  • Fix for error when unwielding weapons

Alternatively, if Patreon isn’t your thing I have a tip jar on ko-fi


There’s a magic shop now?

The magic shop was added in v0.46, so the previous version. This one added a new potion for sale.

Would it be possible to not check for Java 8? Or to add an ‘accept and ignore’ to the check? I’ve got Java 17 with the JavaFX library included.

EDIT: Not Java 1.7 but Java 17. Java 8 is past end-of-life this year.


EDIT 2: Looks like it’s explicitly checking for 1.8 instead of > 1.8. :slight_smile:

if (!jvmVersion.startsWith("1.8")) {

I can see this method being a little messy to refactor because of the other preflight checks, but maybe just a check for < 1.8?

EDIT 3: Found another check for just ‘8’ and the JFX library. :laughing: I wish newer JREs/JDKs had a way to override the returned jdk value.