Release date: Friday, 8/26

I’m pretty confident that 99% of the code is complete, and at this point I’m just building rooms and writing policies for the wiki.

I’m going to go ahead and open up the server to everyone sometime on Friday evening; people can then come in, start creating characters, and playing!

For glory!
Looking forward to the release :]

Reminder bump!

No exact time, but definitely in the afternoon/evening. Putting finishing touches on things now.

Very exciting! I may not be able to log on until tomorrow, depending on how late the gates open, but I’m definitely refreshing every hour.

Should be done within the hour. I’ve brushed up some of the code, and am just building the final rooms so every zone has at least one place to play in.

I’m pretty interested in helping with building, but
(A) I’m forcing myself to finish a half-done project before I volunteer and
(B) I need to refamiliarize myself with more modern MUCK technology, because the last time I tried my hand at this I was running Windows 95.

For sure. There will be an application for building your own rooms, and later I will be opening up positions for build wizards, who have much more permissions.

Widening Worlds is now open on port 420. Check the wiki at if you need help connecting.

Evennia is a server. You don’t install it to play on the MUCK. Follow the setup guide on the wiki to get a client.

EDIT: Guy deleted his post, apparently. Was trying to install Evennia. Just for the record, you don’t need to do that!