Release V0.23 [2017-12-10] (retrospective)

This is old news; I’m patching up things after the amnesia/migration. Yes, it is still being worked on, but life has thrown a few challenges in my way and those have slowed things down a fair bit with my attention diverted elsewhere.

It’s still the same old link to download the current version of the game:

It is written in Java and JavaFX, so you may see prompts to upgrade bits of the Java runtime. You’ll need a reasonably recent release (8u25 or later), and it should run on Windows, MacOS, and Linux. It may not work with Java 10 as JavaFX is no longer part of the core (I honestly haven’t tried - my focus is on the oldest supported version).

It’s in an early stage (what you can do is fairly limited; the first hostile area is still being built out).

Release notes:
0.23 2017-12-10

  • add look at money so money is always shown in inventory
  • removed testing box from burnt out bedroom
  • arousal has minor effect on combat
  • drunkeness has effect on combat
  • hypertrophic body parts have an effect on combat
  • fixed actions related to money
  • fix Rochaine wandering off if you wait at the throne room door
  • fix female sex toys being available to males
  • fix take from animals/people available once sex started
  • fix flirt not available once sex started
  • fix talk not available once sex started
  • fix transformation items not working

0.22 2017-12-05

  • Raise sex xp
  • combat resulting in HOT npcs
  • NPC auto undress on HOT
  • don’t baulk on ongoing sex actions
  • raise relationship
  • initialise sexuality
  • lust potion, throwable
  • npc hot compulsion
  • sucking cock
  • save/serialization testing
  • cleanup on catch-up
  • added junk flag to items
  • added sleep on floor
  • added action list pri
  • added compulsions logic
  • fix consumable, digestion, potions, and mods
  • fixes in xml parser
  • define relationships in game files
  • fondling breasts of others
  • fix console single letter commands
  • possesive adjectives w. names
  • text parser commonality
  • fixed making custard pies
  • kissing