Ren'py background bug?

I’m not sure what’s causing this bug. I’ve been using filtered public domain pics as stand-ins while I work so I can easily see when I’ve changed scenes. But I replaced one with my own sketched background and now things have gone awry. I didn’t replace anything but the image file and I made them of similar size.

Here’s the stand in background functioning as intended before I changed the file

Here’s the weird background glitch. Micro-redneck?

And here’s the background that is actually supposed to be appearing behind him. I’ve tried shrinking the picture but even if I just about align it with the screen, it’s horribly stretched and pixelated. I didn’t change anything in my code to tell it to zoom in on this picture compared to the stand-in one. Has anyone else had this trouble?

My images are all defined the same and all displayed with the standard “scene bgname” format but none of the other pictures (all of varying dimensions) have this problem.

(And I do know about the lemmasoft forums, but I’m shy to share any screenshots in there as I don’t want to explain this as a fetish game if people ask me about it in a non-fetish based setting. :confounded: )

Really feels like an image resolution issue. If I remember (though I could be wrong here) Renpy does not auto scale images, even backgrounds. You have to either resize the image to the screen you set Renpy to use or use the Image Manipulators methods to sale it appropriately.

You may be able to also use something like Zoom to deal with it but most info I am finding is resize the image to the resolution you are using for the game. Here are a few links you may find helpful though and best of luck to you!


I looked into it and it was a double-dumb move on my part. The terrible pixelation made me think the picture was stretched out when really saving as a jpeg just mashed my image quality somethin awful. And it turned out when I thought the images were similar sizes, the largest side of my test image was the same as the smallest of my finished image. Oops!

Thanks for getting me to double check!