Ren'Py VN

I’m planning on working on a Ren’Py VN soon. I need some ideas tho. It doesn’t particularly be a fetish game. I’ve only recently begun toying around with the Ren’Py SDK and I am yet to learn how to make semi decent drawings on my laptop.

If you ever have any questions, I made a few games in Ren’Py and would be willing to help you out. I have 2 game ideas that I am fine with you using.

My first is that you are roommates with a suspected spy from the soviet union or a fictional communist eastern bloc country. The game takes place in the U.S. and you want to convince her that the U.S. is good. You can do things like take her to the grocery store, take her to football games, and show her American food so she can experience U.S. culture. For each of these things, you will have decisions that cause this to either work or fail. If she enjoys all 3 things, she stops being a soviet spy and embraces American culture (getting fat in the process). If she enjoys doing 1-2 of the things, she remains loyal to the Soviet Union, but gets fat. This causes her to fail her spy mission because she gets caught by guards after she tries to steal something. If all events go poorly, she would remain a spy and succeed at stealing the plans.

My second idea for a game is that you are a mayor of a fictional town and you have to choose what projects can be built and where. You would have 6 or so concerned citizens representing how happy people are with your decisions. Your goal is to win re-election twice. The way there would be weight gain is if you decided to build a restaurant one of the people liked near their house or a place they frequent, they would gain weight. I was thinking the first re-election would happen early enough that if you lost you wouldn’t see the character’s maximum weight. The second re-election wouldn’t matter as much from a game-play standpoint but would determine if you get a good or bad ending.

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Thank you for the ideas.

The vast bulk of the topics posted to the ideas sub-category are waiting for someone to implement them. There’s … not exactly a shortage.

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I forgot about that lol

What is Ren’Py and were can i find it since i keep seeing it brought up and talked about.

Here’s an article that goes over what Ren’py is and how to get it.

Thank you for providing the link.