[Reopened] Sumo and Samurai: a WG Legend of the Five Rings Campaign

For a while I’ve wanted to somehow make work a fat-fetish campaign for the Legend of the Five Rings RPG (5e). The player characters will all be samurai ladies in addition to being amateur sumo wrestlers, and this sumo championship will be a sidequest that follows you around. There will be a main story with fetish elements too.

UPDATE: I am looking for a few new players to join this game. New players will have an independent story in the same timeline/cannon as the old players, and after the new players have a bit of practice to get used to the game, the two sessions will merge. Please follow the Discord link if you are interested.

Pros of this campaign:

  • Be at the forefront of a new wave of fat acceptance in a fantasized East-Asian setting.
  • Use your fatness to your advantage in sumo tournaments.
  • Unravel a conspiracy where weight gain is involved and can affect you.

Cons of this campaign:

  • Long rulebook with lots of important lore- reading is definitely required.
  • Rules not similar to D&D, Pathfinder, or most other RPGs.
  • The advanced roleplay style gives this game a reputation as a very difficult system for advanced RPG players only.

Damn, shattered I missed this, my own fault for not checking every catagory for new stuff.
I’ve played a little L5R and I really enjoyed the system, I actually played a sumo-samurai in that game too.
If there is an opening for new players or even a new campaign I would be happy to look at joining in.

I’ve reopened this game for new players. Please read the original (updated) post and follow the discord link if you are interested.

The discord invite isn’t working

I’ve stumbled upon this and am at least curious about it.
Will need to read the rulebooks, but if I’ve managed to understand shadowrun, this’ll probably be at least doable. Not sure either how easily the slots were filled, but I’ll poke around nonetheless.

Looking for more players from Europe/Africa/west Asia timezones.

Hey can I get a discord link? I really want to join this.

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same, I am rather interested in this myself now

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It seems safe to suppose they aren’t still actively seeking players after seven months.

About damn time someone made a female wg sumo and samurai fantasy tabletop RPG game taking place in a Japanese fantasy themed setting.

Thank you Natsu-Kashi.

Is this still live? Because I love the idea!

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That’s if the discord invite link is reopened for us dude.

Hey, I would love to join, Can I get the Discord link?

May I get a link to the discord?

I, too, am interested in joining. The discord link the the OP has expired. May I be invited, please?

Can you send it to me as well?

New invite link. Sorry for the long wait. I haven’t logged onto this forum since I started my new job.