Results of the Discord Guess the Theme contest!

In a moment of sudden inspiration we decided to host a very low consequence and fun oriented contest on the discord. The goal was for people to try their best to guess the theme for the jam. Every so often everyone was given esoteric and obfuscated clues to interpret for hints. There were plenty of wild guesses that were nowhere close( and plenty that made us laugh), but we wanted to give a forum badge for the people who got the closest.

First we have to give one to @purrineN for his wild guess “Start a business” tossed out two minutes after I posted the first two clues. While not exactly the theme it was pretty darn close and had us all laughing at his luck.

Second we have to recognize @Cakecatboy for making a solid guess of “work” after identifying the obfuscated links in the third and forth clues. I didn’t anticipate people putting it together so well, but cake really pulled out the stops and put the pieces together. We apologies for making even more obscure clues after to throw you off a bit, but we couldn’t just let the contest go without challenging you further.

Third we’d like to award @Alstor for suggesting “9 to 5”, and advancing the prevailing guess from work to something more resembling the workday.

Thank you to everyone who tied red string up and made wild guesses at our annoyingly obfuscated clues.

In hindsight the clues will be obvious, but I’ll include them here for posterity.

Clue 1: The theme is 3 words long. (including short words like is, a, I, so, the etc

Clue 2: The theme is not season based.

(a note: even though i tried to make the first part just look like a note, it was also a part of the clue)
Clue 3 is a bit esoteric. You’ll have to interpret it. It’s a list of things for you to work the clue out of.

Clue 3: Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix Chapter 7, Stranger Things season 1 episode 2, Tropic Thunder

Clue 4: SIXTEEN TONS - Tennesse Ernie Ford w/ Lyrics - YouTube

Clue 5:
I’m bound by time but i’ll never be late
I hope you don’t fear because we have a fate.
I’ve been sought and fought over momentary glory
But I’ve never lifted a finger even though my wrath is gory.
Even still they define me.
Devote me. Deride me.
I trap them, I free them
I hold them, I clean them
Who am i? Who could i be? Do i have a name? Did you give it to me?
If a tree has a name when it falls does it sound? If I lack a name am I still around?

Clue 6: The Parthenon, Chichén Itzá, Petra

Clue 7: Friends on the Other Side - Princess and the Frog - YouTube

Clue 8 and 9 were put out very close to the theme announcement and so made things a little more obvious

Clue 8:

Clue 9: Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta (clean version) - Geto Boys - YouTube


I guessed it around clue 3 :smirk: I’m so smart

(not really)

You did the bulk of the work figuring out my intentionally really difficult clues! Don’t sell yourself short!

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