Returning to Camp

Hi, I’m back. Most people probably don’t remember or care about me. I have been working as much as I can on a game project which amounts to very little because everything has been terrible around me.

My project is about magical girls who are powered by being fat since food provides energy and being fat provides an excess energy that is great for creativity but I also imagine it would lessen the strain of magic on the body. Not only will eating increase your magic stats but everything, but depending on the type of food, some stats can increase or decrease. It also contains elements of corruption transformation, but it’s not like turning into a succubus or something. Instead you can become a chimera of other creatures or fully transform into one, resulting in an ending. The game also has weight gain of course and it does not end the game by itself…

I am not really into weight gain too much but I am more of a fat acceptance type of person. Personally I am gaining weight since I am forever alone and it feels so empowering and comforting to be heavier. Plus it basically saved my life as otherwise I really struggled with energy and never got anything done. No regrets about gaining weight and I don’t think there would be much problem if I gained another 100 or so pounds. I don’t need to exercise and I don’t have to avoid sweets and fatty foods either, just need a few things (not even daily) such as fish oil, vegetables and specifically wild greens/teas such as dandelion to fight any potential risks of weight gain at a reasonable level. At first my body was sore and felt heavy but my body eventually became stronger and I adopted a better stance for holding my weight. I’m 220 lbs and 5’ 4".


Welcome back to the forums.

I like this idea, it reminds me somewhat of some of Karloon’s stories.

And welcome back!

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Happy to have you back! I look forward to seeing more about your game as you get to it!