reviving old projects


[quote=“sanity.exe, post:20, topic:996”]they killed project M?
Damn, Nintendo is going mad with the DCMAs recently; that was a large and long running mod if I’m not mistaken.[/quote]

Project M ceased development because the founding members went on to create a new company called Wavedash games. They’re currently designing a platform fighter and they didn’t want to be bogged down by any potential legal issues related to their association with PM. As far as we know, Nintendo never issued a DCMA over PM, but the PM dev team never really disclosed that info. Even popular smash streamer VGBC said they stopped streaming PM due to potential legal issues stunting the growth of their channel, but Nintendo had no involvement in their decision.

The issue is that Nintendo creates the constant looming fear of a lawsuit because they’ve done it before and could very well do it again. Modders feel that pressure and back down.


also because of how this turned out, I would like to mention other projects that got canned,

Codename Debu: it was a promissing looking game even had a tech demo, but then the devs suddenly dissapeared, and while it hasn’t officially been declared dead, it’s essentially is

boundless: unsure if this is entirely accurate, but I heard that the creator got a Cease and disist notice because the originator of the source code didn’t want people using it for a fetish

and please don’t let this devolve into a conversation for the next one

any of the Haru games: again this person is infamous for starting a project and then leaving with one excuse or another, but like I said, please don’t focus on this person, we already know about the story

Harvest Moo: unsure if this is completely gone or not, but no update on this game

Tower Missuse: I’ve talked with Purrine and they said they want to put the game on a different platform, but that doesn’t mean the original can’t be used for another project.

that’s all I can think of, if anyone has anything to add to this go right ahead


Boundless was actually split between two devs: the original developer, Revercroix, and a 4chan-er who started making their own edits and additions. the original dev decided to stop working on it, and asked that no sexual content be put into the game, which prompted the 4chan project to cease.

now, the 4chan project has started anew under the name edenbound, which seems like it’s gonna a similar game in style, but is not released yet. the guy has a discord and posts updates periodically, I haven’t checked in a while though.