reviving old projects

there are a number of old projects that got cancelled, for one reason or another they got canned

anyone ever considered reviving old projects? or remaking them?

one example is pokemon weight gain version, it was a rom hack of fire red, it even had a chubby sprite of Leaf.

but they got shut down before even releasing a proper beta version of the game.

that’s just one example of games that ended before an official release,

also for those curious here is a video of the PWG version

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Nintendo obviously doesn’t want to allow their brand (which is marketed towards children) to be heavily fetishized. Were someone to continue this project, they’d have to go the obvious non-infringing parody route. Use something like the Pokemon Essentials engine and change all the content.

yeah, not to mention nintendo has been giving a lot of cease and desist notices to popular remakes and other games (pokemon uranium and AM2R) so the likely of it happening is ironically slim

I wouldn’t fuck with anything Nintendo related. Just as an example, when the competitive smash bros community raised $90k towards breast cancer to get Melee included in Evo 2013’s lineup, Nintendo sent a cease and desist notice to the tournament organizers to not stream Melee. Kind of fucked up and when you have companies like Valve who encourage modding and even provide the means to do so to players, it really makes Nintendo seem archaic.

When Nintendo gets litigious, it’s mostly out of fear. Depending on the way international copyright laws interact, you often can lose your intellectual property if you can’t demonstrate that you’ve consistently tried to defend it (that’s why Bethesda sued Mojang over the word “scrolls,” not because there was any real issue, but because if they didn’t, someone else might call a game “Elder Scrolls 10” and then point to the fact that Scrolls was allowed to go un-litigated and win the case).

Nintendo, moreso than any other games company, makes most of its money off of brand recognition-- they’ve been repackaging the same Mario game as new over and over for thirty years now, and it sells because it’s Mario. So I’m not surprised that they get very protective of what’s by far their most sensationally popular IP.

It’d be cool to have a 'mon-like game where your monstergirls(?) got fatter instead of evolving, though. I only have RPG Maker XV, which I don’t think has the Pokemon Essentials pack, and my code-fu isn’t strong enough to rescript RPGmaker combat (which is a shame because the default first-person-mode is the absolute worst).

If you can get some art together, hit me up. I could throw together a battle system in 80 hours or so.

as what was stated this was just one example, maybe start talking about other projects that got abandoned, like project debu, does anyone know why the makers randomly stopped working on it? after they released the demo

Pretend I live under a rock, and post information about any abandoned projects. Googling ‘Project Debu’ turns up no useful information. You might be the only person keeping its spirit alive!

alright it was around this time last year 3 anonymous Developers started to make a weight gain game called Codename D.E.B.U they even released a tech demo of the mechanics but they suddenly dissapeared

You can find the demo for the project they are talking about in the comprehensive game list here: Game List - Google Sheets

It wasn’t really that sudden. They ended up getting a lot of crap on 4chan for their game (criticism over the character image system they chose, crap about it being vaporware even though they’d just started and had a playable demo, etc.) They responded to questions for a while after that, though they seemed pretty defensive at that point. I think maybe they just lost heart from the unwarranted shitting-upon that they got. Too bad, too. The tech demo showed a lot of promise. I’d love to see the project resurrected.

Ah yes 4chan, where everything I love goes to die.

My not so humble advice to developers: pretty much ignore 99% of chan comments about your stuff. There’s decent criticisms to be had, but a lot of it seems to be viciousness for the sake of being vicious.

I remember seeing codename debu on bbwchan did they go to 4chan to? They did get a lot of crap from bbwchan, because when they first started they didn’t have any demo, just a couple screenshots, but I do remember people shutting up, and even apologizing after the first demo was released. Most people even agreed that the art they chose looked better than they had thought it would.

I never followed up, so I didn’t see anything like that. I hate going to the various *chans, and I only did it for Codename DEBU because I was digging for more information about it.

I think it’s safe to say, you have my attention with fat Pokemon of any kind, snivy is a favorite, but I’d be fine with just about any of them. Plus, I’d REALLY like to see more like what happened with Operation D.E.B.U myself.

Since I really don’t want a cease and desist letter from Nintendo, going to have to ask that any games obviously related to their IP not be brought to these forums. Discussion of them is fine, but direct download links or developers attempting to make them here will be removed, unfortunately. Lord knows I could enjoy a Pokemon game with WG in it, but stuff like that unfortunately must remain lowkey.

yeah, only way I could see something like that happening is if someone developed the entire game without any updates and then sending PM’s to interested parties

Speaking of PM, a Brawl mod named Project M is not only taken down for good, but mentioning it gets you banned on Miiverse. (I know, this is unrelated to the thread.)

they killed project M?
Damn, Nintendo is going mad with the DCMAs recently; that was a large and long running mod if I’m not mistaken.