RimRound - a Rimworld Weight Gain Mod (Beta release!)

Nutrition makes the pawn meet the minimum required amount for good health and mood

Fullness causes the pawn to eat to capacity

Not sure what hybrid does

From what I understand:

Nutrition tells them to eat when their nutrition falls below the leftmost bar until they eat enough for their nutrition to reach or go beyond the rightmost bar (really only useful for trimming down or saving food).

Fullness tells them to eat when their fullness falls below the leftmost bar until their fullness is up to the rightmost bar (on basic settings, pawns only really lose weight when their fullness bar is empty, so this leads to constant weight gain).

Hybrid tells them to eat when their nutrition falls below the nutrition bar until their fullness is up to the fullness bar (balance between the two other modes).


idk how often the maker checks this page, but race support for Carniculus would be great.

…wow. That’s a freaky race.

Anyway I think you can get a response on the discord.

Does anyone know where I could get a list of the current race compatibilities? If not, does anyone know which races are compatible?

There’s a full list on the wiki here.

If you see one missing feel free to ask on the Discord :slight_smile:

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Oh fuck yeah! RW is one of my most played games, and I think I just found the ultimate mod. Tried making do with RV despite not being into vore…worked, but eventually lost its charm. My fat sanguophage is gonna finally get over 250lbs…


I’m still learning to play Rim World just to play around with this mod, lol. Having some difficulty getting it to work on my computer at the moment. It’s a little odd; got it working with my old lap top just fine, but now it keeps saying “Mod out of date for current version of the game”, and refuses to run it properly.

It’s possible you may be using a deprecated version of the mod. Join the Discord and I’d be happy to troubleshoot specific issues. For now, the “main” version of the mod on github should be compatible with 1.4, but feel free to try the “dev” version from the dropdown on the left (opposite the green Code button) if you want to try new features.

This topic isn’t updated particularly often but you can see news, polls and WIP just by joining the Discord. Hope to see everyone there! Yes, you. Put down that donut and come say hi.


Hello Weight Gamers! Nova here again. Just wanted to let those of you who weren’t aware know that we have a [Discord] where you can follow updates on the mod’s progress and chat with other pretty awesome people. We’re making a Twitter where you can ask us questions and similarly follow progress on the mod. Right now we’re hard at work on the Galactic Takeover update.

Sorry about the radio silence on this topic, the Discord is usually where we post most of the development. Rimworld 1.5 will throw a small wrench in the timing of the next update, but rest assured we are still chipping away at it.


i cant figure out where to go to downlod the mod pls helpppppp the channel on the disc where the releases r posted is locked for meeeeee

It’s on the discord (linked in the first post).
You have to go in the git-updates channel (you can access it once you accepted the rules with the emote i think), go to one of the link (git-hub) and download the main or dev version of the mod. Don’t forget to read the instructions. In case, Rimsort or Rimpy will tell you if you forgot to install a dependancy (like HAR) for a mod.
Have a good day.

The GitHub repository also can be found with a search, if the first or one of the first results on your search engine by just looking “Rimround”. Or here is the GitHub GitHub - Niwatori401/RimRound