RimRound - a Rimworld Weight Gain Mod (Beta release!)

Yeah i picked up the wheelchair mod and am looking at any others that help improve the vanilla game(like prepare carefully and some prosthetics based mods).

As Rimround actually doesn’t diverge too much from the vanilla game apart from the stomach system, pretty much all mods can make sense next to it. I actually play it with PokeWorld.
Here are some suggestions I can give that can help with Rimround in particular and aren’t focused on implants or movement:

  • Vanilla Expanded Fishing and Vanilla Expanded Cooking for more food sources and variety.
  • Recipe icons to help you navigate with all the food items the last two mods add.
  • Stack XXL if you end up with a lot of the added food.
  • Non uno Pinata to prevent pawns losing their guns when downed for any reason.

And of course, don’t forget general quality of life even when Rimround is disabled. Here are some lesser known ones:

  • Common Sense mostly because pawns clean the bedrooms or workshops if they have to use them, but in general gives a better AI to some pawn actions.
  • DontBlockDoors to prevent pawns placing items on the doors’ cells.
  • Trade UI Revised for a fresh a quicker trade screen.
  • Yayo’s Animation to add a bit of life to the pawn sprites.

Thanks for the suggestions! I’ll definitely be on the lookout for these then.

Will blob beds be better than normal beds at some point? I use a pretty extensive mod list so having a 100 resting speed and nothing else gives little reason for my pawns to end up as blobs. Maybe give a mood bonus, workspeed bonus or something to incentivize it

That sounds very much like a you problem.

I mean, maybe the mood bonus makes sense, but I don’t think that part of the mod was ever meant to fill a mechanical niche.

aye I suppose that’s true, I have experience editing rimworld mod files to balance everything so I can personally change the resting speed bonus myself. Having a mood buff would be pretty cool regardless imo.