Ring of Fortune - Prologue

An RPG where girls get fat.

This game will mostly be centered around stuffing with some minor weight gain here and there. Currently it’s just the prologue with around 30-40 minutes of gameplay. Most of the work went towards setting up different systems such as the unique battle system so it’s a bit content light for now, but future updates should be easier to work on. Also there is 1 stuffing scene with art drawn by me (sorry that it’s mediocre it’s my first time drawing anything beyond pixel art).

Anyway please let me know your thoughts and if you find any bugs.

More to come soon.


I haven’t checked this out yet as I just downloaded it to remember to check out later, but the screenshots on itch look interesting should totally post a couple here. People like to know what the game looks like in general.

That’s a good point, updated the post.

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Well this is a great game so far like I do like the patch Mechanic because it is like paper Mario and I love the art but the problem is that you can tell when A item or monster is a RPG maker asset but beside that this is going to be a fun and I keep a eye out for it.

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Very strong start! You definitely seem to have a good handle on the engine!
I have to question the reason why you removed the option to set Command Remember and Autorun, as well as not have no way to rebind keys. By default you have the Yanfly WASD setup, but it is still a very inconvenient setup that stretches out the left hand no matter what you do.

For the game itself, making it very Paper Mario-based gives you a good and simple base to expand the RPG elements and scenarios. Though there are some issues in a lack of unique or interesting aspects to the game, as you lack more unique Patches than just “more damage” and “more defense”. Without the fun of the Action Commands as seen in other Paper Mario games, you end up with a pretty shallow experience overall.

Writing, you also sort of…phoned in the setup. It is the basic straight man + hungry gal comedy duo with little else in terms of mixing things up. It feels like the skeleton for a Some Bullshit-inspired title more than a foundation for expressing your own self and ideas. I barely know the characters, the world, or why should I care about stuffing them. I know it is just a start and testing ground, but you yourself describe it as a prologue, the first chapter of the adventure. It isn’t a strong first impression to make, especially with how you are putting yourself down. To cross a line a little, let me in your mind, let me feel like you want to show your heart to the world! Let it be known that this is YOUR story and your deal!

Still, I do find it an interesting beginning chapter and I hope there really is more to come. It is nice to play a game that have some care about overall combat and playability of it all (8 WAY RUN WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO)


I don’t know what a yanfly wasd setup is but you can use either wasd or arrow keys, both work. I set it up so all the default keybinds are there but also more typical non-rpg maker keybinds. Controllers work great too. Command remember actually just doesn’t work properly with how action choices are set up. I agree I need to better flesh out and set up the characters and I should have done it before releasing. I know I have a lot to work on writing wise but having it called low effort and unoriginal still hurts a bit.

I really liked this game! Looking forward to seeing more content. I liked that it uses larger sprites, somewhat different battle mechanics, and in general the world is well designed and aesthetically pleasing. I think the characters are distinct and I’m curious to see how they will develop. Overall it was plenty of fun to play, and I hope you continue to develop it. :smiley:

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Somehow I missed this whenever the prologue was released. I think it was a really good game and I am excited for more content. It had great sprite work and I loved the animations. Is this mainly a stuffing game or will their be weight gain content in it as well?

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Mainly stuffing but there will be weight gain as well. I’m working hard on the next update!


Where do you go when you get to the wharf?

edit: I don’t know if it was the lighting or what, but it did not look like the lighthouse had stairs.

So I never got around to playing this til now and lemme just say


I am an adamant fanboy of Paper Mario TTYD, and this screams everything I love about the rpg and more! The characters are mostly fun and charming, gameplay is simple but fun and has the capacity to grow, and the art and music make the game fun to experience.

I like our main characters a lot, and hope to see more of our main lady especially. I do hope there’s additional partners and party members in the future!

I must say, I’m disappointed that there’s only going to be minor weight gain. I understand not everybody has the same kinks but I hope that the community’s response gives enough of a push to maybe pursue, even optional, weight gain, especially of Piper. Regardless, the game is fun and cute enough that I’d play no matter what probably.

Also, HOW THE HECK DO YOU GET THE ONE CHEST BY THE LIGHTHOUSE?? I swear there’s NO way to reach it!


There’s a hidden exit inside the cave that brings you there. Can’t remember where exactly as I haven’t played in a while but I think it was somewhere in the final room. It is a pretty big tease seeing that chest seemingly blocked off before though.

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I really like this game! Can’t wait for the next chapter.