Rivalry Weight Gain Game (Idea)

Hello everybody,

I am not a programmer and don’t have the skills to make a game myself but I still like to share and discuss ideas for future games.

(if (a) game(s) with this principle already exist out there I would be happy to get them linked)

Well all in all I am a big fan of rivalry in weight gain. Maybe a scenario where your character is a magnet for the desired partner and multiple people are in a competition to get the fattest for you (also possible for you to be one of the gaining participants).
Also a favorite of mine beeing a sibling rivalry (maybe even twins).

I just wanted to share the general concept to see if there are also some “rivalry enjoyers” like me out there.

If you have ideas yourself to flesh this concept out more for some future projects please do :slight_smile:

(Also text adventure style games rule! I hope some day in the future there will be more content on textadventures.co.uk because I probably played them all :stuck_out_tongue:)


Either that or trying to outgrow your own rival rather then other women trying to fatten themselves up for you.