Rivals of Aether - Big Maypul


that’s right, now you get to be funny raccoon girl, but R O U N D.
getter here: Steam Workshop::Big Maypul
also it’s not meant to be a fetish mod so behave in the workshop comments pls uwu

For those unfamiliar with playing as "Advanced Skins"

Works the same as any other workshop mod: Subscribe to it and it’ll be added to the game.
To select it, however, pick Maypul herself on the select screen and a gear icon will show up at the bottom-left of the potrait. Open it up with your ingame cursor and the skin will be there, in a menu similar to the kind normal workshop characters use.
Afterwards…the fun can begin. :sunglasses:

…and hey, for those of you who don’t have the game but enjoy Smash Bros., I’d strongly recommend this game. The game itself is already fun, but workshop mods bring a whole new level of entertainment! I almost play this game purely casual due to how insanely fun a lot of workshop characters tend to be~.