Roblox Tutorials?

I’ve come across a number of users on DeviantArt who use either Roblox Studio (the better choice) or Roblox itself to make images (or in some instances, GIFs and MP4s). I’ve been told by a couple of users I’ve asked that they simply apply multiple ball props to a player model, but I feel that being told that isn’t enough, especially in Roblox Studio’s case. And there’s hardly any tutorials on DA regarding making fat/inflated avatars in Roblox Studio.

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Probably cus it still has a mostly underaged user base.


I have seen many props in the toolbox in roblox studio related to weight gain and/or inflation, most of them are in a black box in the thumbnail though because otherwise roblox removes them, but if you place them down you can just remove the box and its.

Also dont publish a game with one of these props in it or you might get banned, but you can still test the world in roblox studio and play it with out publishing its ready to go.

And also there is someone who disguises a noise machine that you cant turn off as a weight gain/inflation thing, wich you should watch out for.

edit: i just went into roblox studio and noticed that most of the wg and inflation stuff has been deleted by roblox :frowning:

can you send me these weight gain fat ones? because i only find the inflation ones

Maybe I could do a tutorial if yall want, this is how my models look like usually


This looks amazing. Can you please make a tutorial about how you made this?

Yea sure, I just want to know if it would be easier to make a video or a text

I don’t know what you’re planning to do with these Roblox models but I’d recommend not making these models public or making a game with these models. Since well… Roblox is mainly targeted towards children.


This is an 18+ site for a reason. Roblox is an Under 18 thing.

If any of the people here are under 18 and like making games, I would suggest doing something else with your time; learning how to make games is great but they don’t have to be fetish games.

If you are over 18 and on roblox what the fuck are you doing there, the only adults on roblox are scammers, moderators and creeps. And since there’s nowhere near enough moderation, that kinda narrows things down.


I dont really post them, its just a hobby

Making a video would be easier. This will be fun for like playing in your free time, alone, of course.

Yes, I would love for you to make a tutorial.