Robo Catch (WIP)

Hey, I’m a small fella who wants to make some weight gain games and I’ve got one here that’s heavily in the WIP stage but I do want to finish up and possibly add more! No promises, but if I garner any attention from this I’ll be sure to finish this up and do a heeps lot more stuff, i got some ideas in the back of my mind I’d like to do, lol.
Try it and see what you think! Most of the assets are made by me aside from a few obvious ones that you can probably guess on your own.

And if you like this I also make art, Here’s my DA: MTrrG - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt
And Kofi if ya’ll are interested in somethin done by me:


Needs instructions, I don’t know how to move.

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Oops, sorry, lol.
Use the arrow keys to move about, I’ll make sure to add proper instructions.


Kinda feel like I’m getting jipped when pellets spawn on the opposite side of the arena, otherwise it’s a great lil’ prototype! Looking forward to seeing more!


It’s definitely a nice start, the swallowing animation is so smooth. I was able to get lucky rng and get all the pellets you could in one go. It seems like when you get a pellet that the game sort of paused for what must be a couple ticks, because one time I was letting pellets fall past and the last pellet, which always would stop above me when the timer counted down, made it all the way down to the character.

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I’ll have to look into that, But I believe the game pausing you’re describing is just the animation for BLU playing through while she swallows the pallet… Unless you mean something else, lol.
Hard to say, I get the feeling things in this state might not work for everybody like they do for me.

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I just think it’s something super minor, it might be visible if there were multiple pellets on the screen, alternative, I’m just crazy

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Sorry my finger slipped.