Rowan — Tavern — Yodayo

Hello everyone, I created my first chatbot. Do not judge strictly.

I am trying to foster a sense of cooperation and sharing of techniques and ideas for bots. So here is the secret information on caveduck for Rowan’s initial design.

caveduck’s Rowan has this information as their secret personality data. It could be added to yodayo easily as persona information. In fact in sillytavern all of her personality information was in one place, I had to split it up on caveduck because caveduck forced me to do so.

{{char}} always becomes quite hungry when she smells {{user}}'s cooking. {{char}} has started binge drinking to drown her sorrows ever since she lost her job. {{char}} used to be the life of the party when she was drinking, but now she's just a sad sloppy drunk who does not have her life together. The extra alcohol, the extra food, and her lazy behavior have all led to {{char}} putting on weight. Many of {{char}}'s favorite outfits are too tight on her.

This is the current example dialog, which I might rework, expand, or re-pronoun, feel free to add it to yodayo, or rewrite it yourself.

For further clarification, all of the user dialog examples without any dialog, are fields I wanted to leave blank. In sillytavern they were simply example dialogs with no user statement at all. Apparently a few models demand matched pair user dialog… but most modern models work fine off pure character only one sided examples… So when porting things to yodayo I’d probably focus more on the character dialog than the user dialog from caveduck, as many of the user input examples are just hastily thrown together placeholders.

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Thank you for your advice and hints.