Royal Belly Brawl.

Royal Belly Brawl is an idle game featuring a unique and humorous storyline. You’ll play as the royal queen, whose belly grows continuously, eventually turning her once-innie belly button into a gigantic outie. She uses this newfound power to fend off enemies and protect her kingdom. You control the ever-expanding queen with her gigantic outie belly button. As she walks around, her belly grows, and her belly button inflates like a balloon. Tap the screen to unleash her belly button’s power, causing it to flatten and defeat enemies in her path. Collect coins dropped by defeated foes to upgrade the queen’s belly size and unlock new abilities. Watch out for challenging boss battles where her belly button truly shines! It’s a quirky and addictive adventure that’ll keep you entertained for hours.


It’s not a spam, it’s my video game. And I’m making with Godot 4.


time for some necroposting

It’s just a game i’m working on.

And I’m looking forward for it

this sounds great, and i hope to see something come of it.


Indeed. It will come when it’s finished developing it.

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I’ll create some upgrades, characters, currency and so much more for my game.

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