Rpg-Maker Game Concept (With A Kobold!)

Sooo…I am in no way a game designer, And I am quite broke. But I have a concept for an rpg-maker game that I’ll throw out there just incase it inspires someone. It’s partly inspired by Olive and the Ruby Bra. (You should play that if you haven’t).

Story: You play as a wild kobold who lives in a forest. He/She/They is mostly a loner, Even staying away from other kobolds. One day the Kobold see’s a group of “Adventurers” planning on exploring (Robbing) an abandoned Castle/Dungeon/Place that has valuables, So the little Kobold decides to sneak along to take whatever they leave behind. While taking stuff The Kobold accidentally finds a mystical artifact that, Drumroll Please…Makes people fat! Fortunately for the Kobold, He/She/They have a fat fetish, Unfortunately for the kobold, He/She/They Have no idea how to use it. Hilarity and Horniness ensues as the kobold is forced to work with the “Adventurers” To complete quests or something Idk…

As for kinks in the game, Weight Gain obviously needs to be one. While I’m more into Female WG, I’d be fine with Male WG as well. And other kinks are good as well but I think most of us won’t want under age stuff. (These sound like commands, Sorry)

Let me know what you think, and if you have any ideas to add to it.


Did you have any outstanding ideas for the gameplay? If there are multiple adventurers then the game would likely either have sections with each adventure being the focus or they would all be gaining as the game goes on.

I think that’ll be up to whoever likes my idea enough to use it.

Also the “Adventures” Would be 2-3 people that would be based on different kinks.

Does the kobold fatten itself? Because i’d like to see that.

Hell Yeah! I’d love to see some plump kobolds!

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