Rpg maker games playable with Joiplay on android

Like the title suggests i wanted to let everyone know that if they have an android they can get joiplay on the playstore and your capable of playong just about any rpg maker game on there, it does require a plugin which is also on the play store just felt like this was some good info for everyone to have! :blush:


I have joiplay and so far about 90% of the RPGmaker games I used work well enough.

Yeah certain exceptions being like if they programmed mouse usage into the game or something like that!

Itโ€™s better if you download it from patreon, it haves more fixes and is a little bit stable

Does it include RPG Maker 2000/2003 RPGs?

Im not sure i havenโ€™t tested it on anything but more recent versions of rpg maker, the only thing i can suggest is to try