RPG Maker MV: Alt. Menu Plugins Wanted! Willing to Pay!

Hello all, I hope you’re doing well. My name is ChocEnd and I am posting this thread to find someone with JavaScript experience to help me with my current project. I am looking for someone to make a script for me while making the final product user-friendly so I can edit it further. I understand it may be a lot of work to make a script, but I would be happy to pay money for someone’s services.

First, some background info:
I have used RPG Maker for years, and I’ve known about this website for a little while, although I was just a lurker until recently. Over the years I have learned a lot about RPG Maker and I can safely say I understand all the ins and outs of the basic program, but I have never learned to code. I currently work with the RPG Maker MV engine. I am an artist first before a game designer, so I can draw my own assets for my games (and MV’s improved resolution is very helpful!). Still, my lack of coding knowledge has always been an obstacle that has held me back, but instead of staring at the problem I have decided to consult this forum in hopes of finding someone to help.

What I Need:
I would like an alternate menu to display upon pressing the menu button.
This alternate menu must have two important traits:

1. Focused On One Actor
The default RPG Maker menu is okay, but it is plain and is meant for a group of actors. The game I want to make will only have one actor at any one time, though, so I want a menu that shows a much bigger picture of the actor and a few other, minor options.
This may be a good example:

Do you all remember this game? I love the menu in Ib, since it is simple and clearly shows the protagonist, while also showing a few other details. The menu I need would be similar but would probably have a few more options (like a submenu for items and a gold count, for example).

2. Dynamic Images
This is the important one. I’m aware that there already exist custom MV menu plugins that can give you a menu similar to what I showed above, but I want to take it a step farther. I want the image of the character to change according to Switches and/or Variables in the game. In all plugins I’ve seen, the method used to draw the image on the menu is set on static data and cannot be changed (such as using the Note tab on the character database).
Think of it as if something caused the character to change in appearance-- which activates a switch in the game-- and then the change is reflected in the menu. I would make it so that only one of these switches is on at any given time.
Variables and switches are easy to change in-game. If I had a script that connected those variables and switches to images, then I could display a lot of different pictures on the menu! Sadly, I don’t have an example image of this, but I could try to go into greater detail if needed.

Once again, I am using the RPG Maker MV engine, meaning the code I need must be in JavaScript language.

Thank you all for reading! I’m sorry for the long post, but please be sure to let me know if you have any questions. I can go into greater detail if necessary, but I wanted to keep details of my game vague since there are still a few things I need to iron out before I feel comfortable sharing it.


This looks good (I’m not experienced in java or know anyone) can’t what to see more of it

Make sure to make a post on RPG Maker’s forums, they have some coders too that may be willing to take a commission.

If a script doesn’t already exist for MV / MV Ace, but I don’t think it does

Thank you for your response, I posted it on the main forums just about an hour after posting it here. Really hoping someone can help! This is one of my last obstacles before I can just do everything else myself!