RPG Maker Tips for WG

  1. the default size for a map tile is 32x32 and the default size of a face is 96x86
  2. using paralaxes can be useful for deltarune like shops or scenes
  3. using the transform feature could help for enemies turning fatter mid battle
  4. you can use values and common events with the avatar graphic changer to have an actor shift in weight
  5. you can change the game font (insert in “insert here” in materials)
Font.default_name = 'Comic Sans MS'
  1. would recommend piskel for sprite work

Good tips! I hope you don’t mind if I expand on that first one - the sizes listed are true for XP through VX Ace, but the engines past that default to 48x48 and 148x148 respectively. Though as of RPG Maker MZ 1.5.0, you can change the native tile size between 48x48, 32x32, 28x28, and 16x16.

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oh, sorry didn’t know that, i work with vx ace mainly, thanks