RPGMaker MV or MZ?

Just recently started to try my hand at developing a game, and while I’ve made some progress on coding my own game engine, the prospect of being able to make an RPG game through RPGmaker is enticing.

Do you guys have any suggestions as to whether I should get the MV version or the MZ one? To my knowledge, little has changed between the two, but it seems like some of the content packs don’t work with MZ?


The only packs that won’t work with MZ are the animations ones cause they changed how animations work, and generator parts because the characters are different.

MZ has support for manual map layers (YAY) and a few eventing features (like last target), and a FF6 style battle mode as an option.

Use whichever one you can afford, especially if you can code. You can make up the missing features yourself if you are willing to write some Javascript.


Thanks for the info! I ended up going with MZ, I like the idea of manual map layers, and my profession as a software dev should be enough to make up for the scripting needed (or I’ll have been a fraud!)