RPGmaker, random events

I am attempting to make a game, however before I but in a lot of effort for nothing I want to make sure the basis of the game is actually feasible in RPGmaker, the main gameplay loop will be getting a prompt giving you the choice of 3 events from a list containing, by endgame, over a hundred, you choose an event, watch what happens and choose an outcome, and maybe unlock new events depending on the event you choose. I wanted to confirm with people who are much more experienced at RPGmaker than me that this is something I can actually do


It’s doable but very tedious.

You’ll probably need a mass amount of conditional branches that have specific conditions for events to work, switches to dictate points at which more options become available and labels to ensure if someone makes the wrong decision they can jump back.

The best way to approach it is to write it down on paper first, visualise all the possible events and what needs to trigger them.

Make a mock project and test out choices and conditional branches and ensure everything runs smoothly. Then you can expand it.

It’s a slow process and you need to triple check everything to ensure you don’t lock the player out or crash the game.


Suddenly very much regretting my vision

The annoying part is I can probably set up a basic system for this in Python in half an hour


what rpgmaker are you using

Yes this is very much possible. Common events will be your best friend if you want to do this. Start with a variable that determines which event plays and use the control variable command. Specifically, it should be “set variable” within a range. The range being the amount of events you have.

After that, use a conditional branch that checks for a specific value of that variable. This will make the event fire. If this only a part of a larger project, I’d start working on that random event in the same conditional branch. If it is the core of the gameplay loop, I would just cause another common event to fire with the actual scene you want to play. I would also use the comment command above each variable conditional branch with the name/description of the event, followed by a few rows of asterisks. This is so you can clearly tell which event is firing in the editor.

When the event is finished, I’d also recommend making another common event that handles the end of an event so you don’t have to write it out for each random event you make.