RPGMakerMV Help - Currently Unnamed Expansive RPG Project Programming questions and such

So, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong with this. I’m trying to set up multiple states so that way when you inflict certain states onto the enemies, the artwork would change, and i’m trying to set it up so that each enemy has multiple different states.

I’m currently using the Yanfly’s weak enemy poses: http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Weak_Enemy_Poses_(YEP) and learned a tip on how to change the Java code a bit from here: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/seeking-help-with-yanflys-weak-enemy-poses-plugin.110559/

Funny thing is, I actually got it to work once, but I don’t know what’s changed.

I’ll provide screenshots of what I’m doing:


Is there something I’m missing? I have the necessary battle core plugin already set, so I’m thinking I might’ve screwed up on the note coding.

Like I said, I’m trying to make it so each enemy will have a different appearance with the state it’s been afflicted with.

Any help would be appreciated.

A little update, I figured out how I managed to get it to work, but the issue is now how do I make the states be encompassing?

To clarify:

I want the chubbed state to affect the enemies, but if I have Pirate Character 1 and Pirate Character 2 be afflicted with the chubbed state, I’d want them to expand into their respective sprites - So Pirate 1 here: Pirate1A Would expand to this: Pirate1B

While Pirate 2 here Pirate2A Would expand to this: Pirate2B

And I’d like the state to be encompassing so, what should I do?
EDIT: Like, here’s the update I did in the State tab in order to get this to work:

Is there something that should be put in between these two lines here or some way to tell the state “Hey, do this for this enemy sprite and this for that enemy sprite”?

I don’t know that much about RPGmaker, but is it possible to put a secondary if statement inside the second bit that checks what the current name is, and then changes the state based on that as well?

That’s kinda what I’m hoping for too, I’m not the best coder/programmer (hence why I’m using RPGMaker) so I’d like to know if there was a way to do this sort of thing.

I believe for this situation, you would need to put the custom enemy pose tag on each seperate pirate enemy. So Pirate 1 would have their A and B picture as you have here, then you would put the same code for Pirate 2, just replacing 1A with 1B and 2A with 2B, or however you’re organizing your files. You would need to add another if (user.isStateAffected) for each status effect you want on each enemy. So for example, if you wanted to include the Ballooned status you have listed in States, listed as 0012, then you would just copy that block and change the 0011 to 0012, along with the appropriate file names.

If you wanted the state to affect monsters on a global scale that didn’t need you noting every monster, that would require some extra plugin scripting, which might be worth it for a larger project but for something simpler with a focused amount of enemies, just copy-pasting in each unit should suffice.

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Wow… Love Sneak Feast, but thanks man, I really appreciate that, I’ll give that a test when I’m more awake, but I appreciate the advice

Okay, so I decided to go with something a bit more simple, and just use common events

And this works, when I use the skills and the character gets affected, they transform into their respective expansive state - But the issue here is when I use the skill that balloons the character up, it’ll override the chubbed event. How do I prevent that from happening? I’m sure people wouldn’t complain that you could change the status/look of the enemies in battle at whim, but I’d like to have a bit of consistency in that regard… And not go hog wild. Even then, there wouldn’t be free reign because the chubbed event can’t override the ballooned one.

Niiiiice… Really interested in playing this for some odd reason… some day…

Well, I’m slowly getting there.

Just need to work out the hiccups.

Managed to get the system work, but the transformations override each other, which is something I don’t want to happen. Any suggestions?

I know if you’re still using Weak Enemy Poses, the state with the highest prioirty will be shown if multiple states are stacked onto an enemy. 100 is highest prioirty and 0 is lowest priority. Usually this refers to showing state icons on a character, as there’s a visual limit of 4 in basic RPGMaker. Check on your states and tweak their priority around to get the effect that you’d like.

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Sure, I appreciate the advice man.

Hey, as a heads up, I figured out how to prevent that little issue I had, thanks for your advice man! It’s a learning process, and I appreciate the suggestions/advice.

I do not know if it is possible in an rpg but, is it possible to add more than one effect or put the same effect so that in an evolved way of it?

If you’re talking about visually, that might get pretty difficult since the number of images for combo states would be n^2, where n is the number of status effects plus 1 for default no status state.

Changed the title to make this more of a general topic where I can ask questions:

Like here’s a good one, is there a plugin or something I can do in order to make the shops in the game be like this:

I always loved the shop screens from Undertale/Deltarune, and while it’s not a deal breaker, I would LOVE to make the shops be this expressive.

Can anyone help point me in the right direction?

I’d also like to change the shopkeeper once you fulfill some of their quests… I think you can guess the reason why.

I think what they did in Super Fatty RPG was create a room with the background being like this and hiding the player behind a black box and then hiding the player sprite (probably because of some limitation in RPG maker or it was easier)

the left is when you just enter and right is a bit after
not sure how to make it since I haven’t used RPG maker
edit: the black box could probably be anything you like

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I think, and this is just speculation, I think that it might be something like this:

basically making the black box be a tileset and having your character hidden behind it.

time to show an update for the battle system of the game:

As you can see, SIDE VIEW BABY. However, there’s an issue that I need to take care of:

And that would be this, as you can see, there’s a second gun popping out at Cherry’s leg… And that shouldn’t be there, so if anyone can help me out with that, I would appreciate any help on that.

Okay, never mind on the gun thing, I figured that out pretty easily, however, I’m now trying to figure out how to REMOVE states - Basically, you have Cherry here get afflicted with the Chubbed status - but when I use an item to remove the status, her sprite stays fat. Again, I know some people wouldn’t mind that happening, but I’m trying to make it so Cherry can revert back to her normal form for planning and such.

Here’s a screenshot of the common event that I have set up for her atm, and the plugin I’m using is this one:

Do I need to make a separate event for Cherry (and the rest of the party) to get back to normal?