RTS Game?

Mod or Full Game, just the idea of a Real-Time Strategy unit types game would be interesting to see happen and how it would play

If I had to say what it would look or be like RedAlert Gals by NCHProductions RAGals series - YouTube

But with more growth and fetish related, like Units when Level Up, Upgraded or Ranked Up in combat will get larger and larger

Updated 10/25:

Ok I had though about the idea and I think I have an overall idea what a RTS game would be like for Weight Gain and Other Fetishes as well ,It would play like Iron Harvest and Command & Conquer games in one with the needed systems, For the focus on Tactics > Rush and Clicks per Second

There would be 4 Main Buildings, HQ/Command Center, Refinery, Barracks and Thick Building/Factory with Upgrade Buildings and Defenses on the side

HQ- Is the main center of your base, It can build basic units as well food and/or supports to help Grow/Upgrade Thick Units

Refinery- Where all materials put and gaining materials to pay for more units, should be noted you can capture smaller ports and HQ can Passively gain Materials but Refinery will give you the MOST materials each time

Barracks- Builds All Infantry Units, There role is mainly giving Aid to all Thick Units and help in Flexibility and Adaptability, you could win by Infantry only though it will be an uphill battle

Thick Building- Build All Thick Units, Each one has unique way of play and can get bigger and more powerful over time

How do you Thick Units Bigger? From them Ranking up, getting Upgrades, and giving them Support items will make them bigger to around 5 to 10 ranks

Why build Infantry? There the only ones who could capture buildings, mix up and balancing in armies

What Tactics can I use? Any General Tactics will work as there will be factions with different perks but will let you do your play styles, being Common Styles or Your own Style
Steamroller, Rusher, Balanced, Guerilla, Turtle and etc.

Overall, Focus on Tactics not only gives options for all kinds of players but also helps when wanting to see how the units look when at Max Levels and More!


We kind of already had that in the form of Fat Princess and Fat Princess: Fistful of Cake, both of which can’t be obtained legally anymore.

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there was leveling in warcraft 3 so leveling (some) units does work. you could also do something similar to the pet in black & white but it gets fatter instead of bigger.

my first thought for a traditional RTS with fat mechanics would be something like you control a faction similar to the zerg and you have a broodmother type thing going.

another less traditional thing you could do is something like pikmin but the person you control is a mage summoning minions that have to carry you as you get to big to move


Oh, my God, I fucking love RTS games.

Sorry in advance for the giant wall of text but…

I can’t help but notice that the outline for your game you have the same problem that Iron Harvest has, infantry are more of an afterthought.

What I mean is even if infantry aren’t poor units, nearly every other mechanic you mentioned affects just the Thick Units only. So it wouldn’t mater how strong infantry is when the only meaningful thing they can accomplish that T.U.s can’t is that they can capture buildings, that’s it. And even then you could just make a T.U. that captures buildings anyway.

A better system would be to just have T.U. only but to break them up into different categories and add more variants for them. For the sake of an example;
You could have Light T.U.s( Lower on the tech tree, faster, cheaper, than other T.U.s but they lack fire power and staying power.)
Heavy T.U.s( Higher on the tech tree, requires their own production structure, and cost more than lights but you get more firepower and staying power than lights.)
and Special T.U.s ( T.U.s that don’t fit the same roles as the light or heavy variants of Thick Units, these can be the equivalent of an air units, pure support units, super/epic units, commandos or whatever other role the previous two types cannot fill.)

This way more mechanics can effect more of your units and you won’t run into the problem of having boring or unfitting units, and your game would end up looking more original as a result, there aren’t many games that go for the Kantai Collection look, let alone RTS games.

One last thing I’d recommend when it comes to the scale of the armies is that you’d want to keep it smaller than C&C, as the larger the scale of the armies, the harder its going to be for anyone to notice that their units are gaining weight, between having to zoom out more to manage your army, more units on screen that can cause clutter and make fattened units less noticeable, and fights becoming very hectic with many units and effects to signify combat.

Because of all of that, unless you want to make all the weight gain VERY BEEG, like macro levels of big, you’d want to keep the scale lower so you don’t have to go as over the top with the weight gain.


You make some VERY good points TotsMcLegit, when thinking of the idea, I was going off the idea having Normal Units to Thick Units idea like Iron Harvest, where the Mechs are playing the big roles and infantry are general support and such

But I’m getting at what your thinking though and I understand the problems

And yeah making the units bigger will be a factor too as well