Rules on Public Play by Post

After much discussion we have came to a decision on public play by post.

We have decided that we will not be allowing public play by post on the forums. The reasoning for this is:

  1. The moderation team is worried that the threads can get out of hand especially if a social dispute breaks out between the players or the players and other users. Also, the GM does not have the tools required to police it themselves at least outside of DMs
  2. We don’t quite want play by posts pushing more relevant content down in the feed as its not the main point of the site
  3. At the moment we do not see a reason why the play by post needs to be public when the forums has a fairly robust DM system that could be used in its place.

Our current suggestion to any users wanting to do play by post is to organize a group in #table-top-games:looking-for-groups and then setup a group DM where you all can play.

We are happy to hear any thoughts users do have on this matter though so if you have something related to play by post you wish to discuss feel free to do so on this thread.

We thank you all for your cooperation and understanding.


With DMs you can invite multiple people into one, it doesn’t have to be between two people unless you want it to, just to be clear to everyone. It’s a suprisingly robust system for forum software.


I think that this is for the best.

Random accounts having unmitigated access to forum RP would surely get chaotic for players and GMs alike, and making the chaos manageable would just put more strain on the admins than I think is needed with a group DM system already being present.

A group DM is not only a more tidy solution but it also is an organic way to ensure that only people who are interested can access the Play-By-Post, due to you needing an invite.


I think a solution for public play by posts is that instead of letting any regular Joe make one, the site would allow one person to make one a month, and have that be the only play-by-post until the next one. Easy to moderate, easy to keep track of, and doesn’t clog up the board.

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That may not be a bad idea for us to consider in the future if we decide to revaluate it.