Rules reminder

Hey everybody. This message is just to remind all our users that asking for updates on a project is a violation of our guidelines. In particular it is a violation of the ‘Keep it tidy’ section. See our guidelines: FAQ - Weight Gaming

I know waiting for updates to your favorite games can be agonizing, but asking for a status update or declaring a project dead will not make an update come any sooner. Game development can take a long time, and there are many hurdles along the way. That fact coupled with the fact that all these projects are hobby projects means that it is not unusual for there to be months between news drops. You can rest assured that when your favorite developer has news to share, they will share it because they’re as excited about the project as you are. There is no developer holding back on releasing finished content.

Furthermore, if we allowed people to post “is there any update?” posts then the forum would very quickly fill with blocks of nothing but people asking about updates. While this may harass some info out of people, more likely it would just make actual information harder to find.

Posts asking for updates will be removed and warning will be issued. Repeated violations may result in more serious action being taken.

Thank you for your time and thank you for your cooperation!


That’s my bad, sorry :sweat_smile:

Also sorry, believe it or not I didn’t follow most of these because I’m an idiot. But I guess I’m no longer an idiot because I read this word for word so I wouldn’t forget.

FYI, the link is broken.

Thanks for the heads up. The link has been fixed.

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