I´ve been following this site for almost a year, but I never had the bravery to create an account until now. I decided to make an account now, because of the game jam idea, I really want to give some feedback after being in the shadows for so long.

PS: I´m sorry if my english is too bad.

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Welcome to the community!

What kinds of games do you want to create?

I would like to create some type of tactical rpg, but actually I’ve been just messing around with game maker without doing really anything.

Welcome to the site! We are happy to have you here. We look forward to seeing any feedback you offer to us and good luck with learning game maker.

Better late than never; welcome home! This is certainly a good place to learn new skills with making games~

What ideas do you have for the tactical RPG?

So far, I think use Vale City’s level up system for this type of game will be a good idea (obviously a lot faster because I wanna make a more fire emblem like game). Also I thought it will be cool to make enemies a little more than just a simple distraction for the experience so I decided I will give them droppable food or money. I want to make different character portraits too, for every 5 levels of the playable characters and 10 for the enemies.
In more TRPG related stuff I want to (basically) knock off a lot of fire emblem stuff such as Fire emblem 4 base/main castle, max level 30 system, promotion and skills ; Fire emblem 10 skill learn system (actually more like fire emblem 9) ; Fire emblem 2/Echoes magic; and a really nerf version of fire emblem fates hidden weapons.
I will expand this as much as I possible can, for example I will make the dismounted units get a slightly stat bonus for their movement lost

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