Savoring Sword - V1 free on Itch! - V1.4 available on Patreon! 🍄

oh ya the max part i kinda meant for 20 is were you fill up to during the playthrough

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V1.3 is now available on Patreon! (Weight Gain Lover and Still Hungry tiers.) Supporting CCM allows me to continue creating more games like this!

V1 is also available for free on Itch!

V1.3 has everything V1 has, but also includes:

  • A new room with a new girl who gains weight.
  • A minigame.
  • The completion of the Modifiers, Wrappers, and Achievements.
  • A ton of Outfits to wear.
  • A bunch of new Monster Girls.
  • And more!

The final version of Savoring Sword is on Patreon! Weight Gain Lover Patrons get the base game and Still Hungry Patrons also get early access to the Greasy Starla and Nudist Starla outfits as well as an Itch Key for a limited time.

The game will release on Itch in the next couple of weeks, and on Steam at the end of the month. (You can wishlist it now!) Plus, an Android version sometime this month.

Version 1 is also available for free on Itch!

This has been a huge milestone for me, and I hope I can continue creating bigger and better games to come! :cookie: