Saying Hi!

Hello! I am a gainer/ feeder from Germany. Just found this site today and it made me so happy! To be able to play a game with gainer characters is something I dreamed since I was a kid. Thanks for making this site and promoting and expanding gainer media!

I draw in my spare time, and make some gainer edits of other artwork, but none is posted online…yet.


It’s always good to have more artists join the community, as I’m sure a lot of the programmers here may not have time to learn how to draw for their own projects, if you’d be so inclined to help. There might even be paid work in the future if the site continues to grow!

Welcome to our little corner of the internet! I am happy to hear you enjoy our site and the content on it. Hopefully there will be even more content for everyone to enjoy as the site and its community continues to grow and develop.