Does anyone know how to acquire all the scanners? I have the breast scanner but I’ve seen people talk about also acquiring a belly scanner.

There are multiple other scanners, but the only* one implemented in the base game is the womb/uterus scanner, which displays some pregnancy-related statistics. To unlock it, you need to complete certain quests for Todd at the hospital.

If you’re using Maternal-Reads’ mod, you can also unlock the uterus scanner by paying for it at the hospital’s maternity ward, provided you can find access to it.

Nostordamus’ old mod (which had the bathhouse, eating contest, etc.) included a belly scanner, which gave details about a proxy’s metabolism, stomach capacity, etc. However, a lot of its features (including how the stomach works, which means by extension the belly scanner) don’t mesh with Dohavocom/Juxtaterrestrial’s belly mod. I’ve been working on an overhaul of Nost’s mod that’d make it a bit easier to read, somewhat more balanced, and compatible with newer mods, but due to feature creep it’s probably only going to work with a customized version of FM, if I ever even get to a point where it’s stable enough to release.

My milk mod adds an udder scanner that should unlock when the breast scanner does. I swear there was an older mod that had something similar, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was.

* There are other scanners unlocked by doing Todd’s questline, but most of that relates to genetic info that a lot of players won’t really care about.

How do you get the belly scanner in Nost’s mod?

You’ll need to win the second eating contest at the Muffin Top, and talk to Vicky about stomach training. After that, it should be installed in your house.